YearBook for Couples 2022

❤ Do you want to make 2022 the best year you’ve ever had?

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✔ Are you in a good relationship but would love for it to be even better?

✔Are you over the fact that your relationship is never QUITE as good as you both dream of it to be?

✔  Perhaps you’ve discovered that you both repeatedly do things that have a negative affect on your relationship or things that even create conflicts between you but you don’t know how to stop it?

✔  Do you actually want to put in more effort but you have no idea where you (and perhaps even you as a couple) should begin?

✔  Are you actually pretty content with your relationship but you sometimes feel like you miss your partner (even though you’re at home together every single night)?

✔  Do you sometimes find yourself wondering what would happen if you both made your relationship an EVEN bigger priority?

✔  Or do you KNOW for a fact that ’’this’’ is something you can do SO MUCH better, but you have NO IDEA where to begin?

2021 - 2022 yearbook for couples


❤ Welcome to YearBook for Couples 2022 ❤

Most men and women walk around missing their partners, they miss feeling the love, they miss feeling the depth of the relationship, the intimacy and the strong feelings which, for every day that passes, are fading away ever so quietly.

And then the frustration, the conflicts, the irritation and blame starts up.

Suddenly you’re dealing with negative, tiring and just plain annoying feelings and you find yourself standing there like Moses at the Red Sea having no idea how to turn it around and how to start heading in the right direction.

This YearBook for Couples 2022 will help you get on the right track.

Quickly too.

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Maj WismannMaj Wismann has for the past 15 years guided thousands of couples and individual clients both in her clinic in Denmark but also online. She’s helped all these people find more love, have better and more pleasure filled sex and just much more of all the things that are SO great to feel when it comes to love and relationships.

In this YearBook for Couples 2022, she guides you through lots of exercises and questions for you to reflect on. You can go through it all sitting on the couch, legs up and a cup of tea in your hand.

Step by step you’ll be helped to feel more clarity, a greater consciousness and you’ll even have epiphanies on what you need to do and what you need NOT to do in your relationship.

You’ll be guided on how to turn things around and start heading in the direction of the relationship you fair well know you can have but which isn’t the reality.

Yet ♥


The YearBook for Couples 2022 will guide you through 3 essential steps for 2022

1)      Learn from 2021 (and previous years’ experiences)

2)      Set yourselves up for 2022

3)      Make it happen



In the YearBook for Couples 2022 you’ll receive:

★ Guided exercises to help you figure out what has been holding you back in 2021 and before that too (this way you won’t bring it with you into 2022)

★ Powerful questions that’ll help you focus on all the positives and to (what’s equally as important) get rid of ‘’what just doesn’t work’’

★ Exercises that make things happen, so you’re not just sitting there with all your good intentions talking about it

A 86 page work e-book filled with exercises, questions for you to reflect on, tools and strategies that’ll all ultimately help you make sure that 2022 will be an amazing year for your relationship and for your love

★ Help for you to transform your relationship into what you really want it to be like; into what you dream of

★ Exercises to help you create new habits in your relationship – habits that again and again shows your love for one another

★ Loads of questions for you to dwell on and reflect on and this way you’ll get to learn what exactly it is that nurtures your love and what makes your love grow

★ More than 7465 couples have already bought, downloaded and worked with YearBookForCouples2014, YearBookForCouples2015, YearBookForCouples2016, YearBookForCouples2017, YearBookForCouples2018, YearBookForCouples2019, YearBookForCouples2020 and/or YearBookForCouples2021 and have made it a habit to buy and work with the YearBookForCouples every year, as a part of their “Keeping a great relationship and love life”-plan


Make 2022 the best year ever – start right here with the E-Workbook ’”YearBook for Couples 2022″



You’ll learn:

✔ Inspiring and fun methods for you to have your dream relationship (and no, this is NOT too good to be true – unfortunately however, there won’t be little angels, pink rainbows and eternal sunshine. What I will promise you though is a relationship on a whole new level; a level you’ve NEVER experienced before).

✔ To obtain clarity about what you need to do in 2022 in order for your relationship to truly be what you dream of – both of you!

✔ That amazing consciousness about what works and what doesn’t work in your relationship. You’ll get rid of all the things that doesn’t work – easy peasy!

✔ To do what actually works for your unique relationship (you won’t just be talking the talk; you’ll be walking the walk!)

✔ To change bad habits and to create new, positive and loving habits to replace them

✔ To dream big, to have high ambitions (which are very realistic) and to create fantastic goals for your relationship in 2022 – AND to make it all happen!


But HEY!

Maj Wismann Q&A about the YearBook For Couples 2015“Maj, I just have to ask you: what if my partner just doesn’t want to do this ‘’self-development-thing’’ and would much prefer to spend the evenings sitting on the couch watching a film or stare into an iPhone or a tablet, and they pretty much think I’m being ridiculous for wanting to do something like this – does it still make sense for me to go through YearBook for Couples 2022 on my own?’’

– Yes, YearBook for Couples 2022 is ALSO for you who has a partner who simply just doesn’t want to ’’work on themselves’’ or do the ’’self-development’’ thing – you can VERY easily make positive changes in your love life and your relationship by completing this e-book on your own.


When YOU change – when you change YOUR behaviour and when YOU become conscious of a whole lot of new things – things will start to happen.


“Maj, I just have to ask you – I’m single and therefore by no means in a serious relationship – but your e-book sounds SO exciting – is it even for me? Does it make any sense for me to go through it?’’

– Yep, it sure does. Even though you’re single you still have a ‘’love relationship’’.

With yourself. And you can EASILY use this YearBook for Couples 2022 to optimise this relationship you have with yourself and make it even better. Also…

If you’ve had a crush on someone or you’ve been dating or looking for a boyfriend or perhaps you’ve been burnt before, it would benefit you immensely to go through the exercises in this YearBook for Couples 2022 in regards to yourself and your experiences with love. It’ll show you results, I promise – and I tend to keep my promises

“And Maj, we purchased YearBook for Couples 2020 – can’t we just print it again and use that one?’’

Of course you can. However, then you won’t get the newest edition to work with. But yes, if you don’t care about the new design; what year it says on the pages; the new exercises and questions and the new chapters, all unique to each year’s edition, well… Then you just print out one of your old versions from 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. 2020 and 2021 and work with that one.

With help and feedback from users of YearBook For Couples 2021, the 2022 edition is even sharper than 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 + you get a new design with even more space to write on from earlier editions + three new exercises

“Maj, we purchased the YearBook for Couples 2021 – don’t we get a discount on this YearBook for Couples 2022?’’

Nope. You don’t. Unfortunately.


Make 2022 your best year ever – start right here with this e-book ’’YearBook for Couples 2022’’



This is why it’s so incredibly important to set goals for yourselves and to have dreams and visions:

✔ When we aren’t on top of where we have been and where we want to go, we – the majority of the time – end up doing what we’ve always done including the same ineffective – perhaps even ridiculous and harmful – things and actions in our relationship. That’s where old habits and routines thrive!

✔ We need goals and dreams to get closer to our visions of what we KNOW is the right thing for us in our relationship.

✔ We need to feel that we’re actually ‘’going somewhere’’ with our relationship and we need to feel that we OURSELVES can make a difference and share new and wonderful experiences with each other. And we need to know – again and again – that it’s PERFECTLY okay and actually pretty good to have high ambitions on behalf of our relationship and our love life. It IS all right and don’t you EVER let anyone tell you otherwise.

✔ When we set new goals for ourselves in life it gives us a drive, an energy and more power in our everyday life. ‘’Getting there’’ and reaching our goals is, in itself, such an amazing feeling and accomplishment which strengthens our confidence and our relationship.

✔ If you have a goal you – more often than not – have a defined focus. If you have positive goals which you – and you as a couple – are working towards achieving, you’re often dealing with positive feelings, thoughts and talks and this will make your brain focus on this positive goal and on reaching it. All this will ultimately surround you with more positivity in your day-to-day life + you make your subconscious work for you and help you reach your goals. And THAT, dear friends, is so cool and so clever

Yearbook for couples 2022 - Goals in life


And remember:

✿ You are ALLOWED to dream big – you know deep down how wonderful and amazing it can be to do exactly that! Perhaps you just need a gentle nudge, a bit of support and the exercises in this work e-book to make your dreams a reality and ultimately get so much more of what you already know your relationship has the potential to be.

✿ The process of setting goals, dreaming big and having fantastic visions will – WITHOUT A DOUBT – make a massive difference to your relationship and your love life in 2022 – and for the rest of your lives.

✿ You ARE allowed to have high ambitions on behalf of your relationship. It doesn’t have to be difficult, complicated or hard to make it happen. Regardless of anything, the first step is to be conscious, to reflect and to learn from what history tells us.

You MUST dream big


YearBook for Couples 2022 is for you who:

♥ Already knows that your relationship can be even better than what it is right now

♥ Are willing to make an effort (and no, you don’t have to work up a sweat here!)

♥ Are willing to look at the reality for what it is and learn from it

♥ Would like to be conscious of what DOESN’T work in your love life

♥ Would like to learn what you actually need to do in order to make your love grow and flow

♥ Dream of love being just a LITTLE bit easier

♥ Would like to be supported in ’’not settling’’ and for you who, deep down, know that it could all be A LOT better

♥ Have a partner who wants to do this with you

♥ Have a partner who doesn’t want to do this with you – Yep, you’ll learn SO much from doing this on your own too! And you can EASILY create an even better relationship for the two of you by making some changes of your own

♥ Don’t have a partner but would love to learn from your ’’love life’’ in 2021 and want to be on top of what’s going to happen in 2022


The practical stuff ❤

YearBook for Couples costs US$ 30 incl GST, and you can pay this amount in one, two og three instalments. You’ll receive the workbook as an e-book via e-mail as soon as you’ve paid the full amount. ENJOY making 2022 the best you’ve ever had!


Yes please – I’ll take the e-book YearBook for Couples 2022 – let’s get started right away


Please note:
YearBook for Couples 2022 is sold for a limited time ONLY. From December 1st 2021 until February 28th 2022. After February 28th 2022 at 11:59pm it will no longer be possible to purchase this YearBook for Couples 2022.


This is what other people are saying about previous years’ YearBooks:

Sinne says:
“I actually feel like I can’t articulate how great an idea I think this YearBook for Couples is! It’s given us some really great talks. These amazing, deep and long talks like the ones we used to have when we first fell in love. My husband and I have been together for almost 9 years now, and just like many other families with young children, we have very busy days. With 8 kids between us (young and old), the majority of our time is spent considering other people’s needs. Every once in a while we ‘run away’ and spend a night somewhere together and this year we’ve brought along the YearBook for Couples. Instead of talking about kids and jobs, we spent the time focusing on us. We started as soon as we got into the car, driving to the hotel. It’s been really great. We’re not at all good at ‘looking back’, so the exercises making us look back on the year just passed, have certainly been very educational and very challenging. Doing this work has sparked a lot of feelings in both of us and we have managed to clear out a lot of unresolved things without letting those ‘big emotions’ stop us. This gives us the feeling of belonging and we’re so grateful to learn that together we can do anything. As my husband said: “It makes the dialogue a lot more open and it enables us to talk about things without them being ‘pressing issues’. They’re still relevant subjects but not affected by big emotions (being hurt, angry etc.) to the same extent. The defense mechanisms aren’t sparked because we’re simply sharing opinions and thoughts, and we’re learning so much about each other. The cherry on top is definitely the actual things we do to put actions behind our work with the YearBook for Couples. We both feel that our daily lives fly by but as soon as we sit down and work on the YearBook, we’re instantly pulled back on track. I highly recommend the YearBook for Couples to anyone who wants to invest in each other and in their relationship. The YearBook for Couples is awesome and not dangerous at all.”


Kim & Marlene say:
“We have been incredibly grateful to work with Maj’s YearBook for Couples. We started the year off by scheduling in 1 night a week to go through the YearBook from beginning to end. We had a lot of interesting talks and we were both extremely present, doing this work. We spoke about everything really. We spoke about the year that had passed, and also about what things we wanted to make better both in regards to us as a couple and in regards to us as a family. We also spoke about what we wanted from the year to come in regards to travels, experiences, time together as a couple, time together as a family and any dreams for our future. It’s awesome to sit down and look back through our YearBook for Couples and see that so many of the things we wrote down have already been manifested. We have raised the bar on our relationship on so many levels; we’ve found such a calm, a deeper presence and a deeper sense of belonging in our family. It’s so important to talk to one another and to give each other the possibility to express any wishes or dreams. Also, we honour how important it is to listen to each other. This is what the YearBook for Couples allows us to do with its many different exercises and questions. Whatever we give energy to is what we manifest. We will definitely use the YearBook for Couples again next year to make 2017 even better! We both highly recommend this fantastic YearBook for Couples; it’s for anyone who wants to make their relationship better.”


Lars says:
“Pia and I have been using the YearBook for Couples for the past 4 years. It helps us ask each other critical questions about our relationships; questions we don’t remember to ask one another in our daily life. We thoroughly evaluate our relationship and become aware of what things and what situations are damaging to our relationship. We, obviously, also are made aware of what makes our relationship better and learn how to do more of whatever this may be. This has all made us much wiser on our relationship as well as each other. I actually believe that our relationship has become significantly stronger.”


Hanne & Lars say:
”We first came across Maj Wismann’s YearBook for Couples several years ago when my husband and I were trying to find one another again after experiencing infidelity. It was a fantastic tool in helping us talk about the relationship we wanted in the year to come. Since then we have purchased the YearBook for Couples every year, simply because it’s such a nifty tool to help keep our relationship healthy. We clear out an entire day between Christmas and New Year’s to work on it and it is definitely here to stay. Every year, we’re made more aware of what it takes from us in order for us to create a good relationship. Today our relationship is better than ever before.”


Lars & Louise say:
“The YearBook for Couples has sparked so many great talks, considerations and exchange of ideas. It hasn’t always been quiet little talks because it certainly does prod at basic values. I (the woman) would love to see more people in our daily life, where he would like to spend more time alone. What do we do about that? We talk it through, using the structure of the YearBook for Couples. A talk like this, we wouldn’t have initiated ourselves. In addition to teaching us goal setting and giving us a direction in where we want our love to go, the YearBook for Couples have giving us a deeper sense of belonging because it actually requires us to sit down and work on this together. This is time where we need to work on something as a unit and this, in itself, is extremely rewarding. To put words to what he does to me that makes me feel happy is such a basic thing and it’s so easy to do now. Also, he does more of what makes me happy and that’s just great! :-)“


Malene says:
“Maj’s YearBook for Couples  is nice-looking and clear to understand and follow; it’s very well structured and easy to manoeuvre around in. Based on our reflections on our relationship and our marriaglast year, this YearBook for Couples has made both myself and my husband think new thoughts. We discovered that we both very much want to be together, even after being married for 22 years. This is obviously a wonderful discovery and it’s exciting to go through the plan together. So many thoughts and feelings are put into words and a structure is created. We’ve come up with so many suggestions to positive and, hopefully lasting, changes in 2018. For us, it’s about realising that we need to prioritise our time together and that we need to put into words how we want to spend this time. I’m so excited to see – and feel – the results.”


Lisbeth says:
“Very gently, Maj Wismann’s YeaBook for Couples adds structure to conversations which we normally don’t have due to a busy daily life with work, kids, hobbies etc. It’s so easy to walk around, believing that if only the love is strong enough, everything else will be okay. I have, in my own relationship for the past 23 years, discovered just how much nurture and care a relationship needs in order to withstand the pressures of a life together. Many of the points from the YearBook for Couples creates a space for us to reflect on what’s important for you, me and us – individually and together. This makes it so much easier to create a shared foundation and to put action behind our thoughts.”


Helene and her husband say:
“Do you miss your partner in your everyday life? Do you miss feeling the love? Do you miss the deep connection, the intimacy and the strong feelings that, for every day that passes, are slowly fading away? When this happens the frustrations, the conflicts, the irritation and the blame sets in. Suddenly you’re filled with negative, tiring and annoying emotions and you don’t know how to turn things around and start heading in the right direction. This is what we (my husband and I) wanted to avoid. We have a very good relationship already. We’ve been sitting here going through the questions in this YearBook for Couples and it truly is food for thought. We’ve seen so many answers which enables us to set dates in the coming year and make room for love and for the talks that are so important in our relationship. Did a bad habit start to take form? Or was there something we were missing and wanted more of? This guide enables you to be conscious of all these things – and to put it all into words.” 


Anja says:
“Some dreams I had actually given up on and put in the ’’never-going-to-happen-box’’ were suddenly very clear to me. It became clear what is important and it became very evident to me what I need to change in order to honour what means something to me. If I choose to follow this plan is, of course, up to me. However, it certainly is hard to ignore the things I’ve spent time reflecting on and written down, so I’m sure there’ll be some changes. I believe that a plan like this is worth so much for any couple. I’ve never thought of looking at the year gone by like this and I never thought of having a plan with other people than myself but this certainly is something I’ll involve future partners in – or anyone I’ll have a close relationship with of any kind for that matter.’’ 


Bente says:
“This year will be our 4rd year using this YearBook for Couples. We’ll typically spend a few nights in December looking back on the year gone by. How has this year been? What were the highlights? What have been our challenges as a family? As a couple? As individuals? And funnily enough, we sometimes look back on something we found challenging and feel proud of how we handled it. Between Christmas and New Year’s we start looking forward to the year ahead. We talk about our hopes and dreams and we make plans. These conversations we have using the YearBook for Couples are definite highlights. Honestly, how often do you sit down and talk about these things? To us, working on this plan has become a lovely tradition, which we’re both looking forward to repeating.”


Pernille says:
“Doing the YearBook for Couples was a new habit for us. Maj Wismann’s YearBook for Couples has provided us with an easy and structured schedule. This process has been incredibly rewarding. Honestly! It truly invites you to reflect; to listen and to put words to what’s important and how I want to feel loved. We’re so different and so the same, and taking all of this into consideration, we find out how we nurture and care for our love for each other. We have been provided with actual tools on how to reflect and take action on our ‘shared love plan’. We look at this YearBook for Couples and we see a ‘love contract’, which we’ve both entered. Really, it’s a bit like renewing our vows; only we didn’t do this at church or city hall but at home).”


Doro and Carl say:
“The YearBook for Couples should be handed out at every street corner for the month of December. My partner and I had a baby shortly after we met each other. It was love at first sight and we were so sure of each other, which made us skip a bunch of chapters, so to say, and we made a baby right away pretty much. Life as parents is lovely but in our daily life with the little one, we quickly forget to focus on being a couple and to talk about what it is we share – in addition to parenthood. We’ve been reminded of this for the past few days, flicking through and working on the YearBook for Couples 2017. In fact, we’re so into doing the exercises that we’ve been getting to bed rather late. This is normally the worst thing we can do, as our son wakes up early, but in this particular case, I have to admit that the YearBook for Couples is at least just as important to couples with young children as sleep is. Me myself am an Body SDS practitioner and I work with people and feelings every day, so I know just how important it is to put words to what you’re feeling. Maj’s YearBook for Couples makes it so much easier to get to the core of things, and this is exactly the helping hand we needed; it fits in very well with our busy schedules. I believe that the YearBook for Couples is genius and I know I speak for both of us when I say, that it’s here to stay.”


Marie says:
“After my partner and I had participated in a so-called PREP course in 2015 (this is a course that strengthens your relationship and prevents conflicts between the two of you), we were sad that it was over. A good relationship requires an ongoing effort. We have found all of this in Maj Wismann’s fantastic YearBook for Couples! It helps us close down 2016 in a proper manner and we look at all the things that haven’t worked for us; something we don’t have much time or energy for in our daily life; especially not since having our first baby! Also, it helps us set new, constructive goals for 2017. I sometimes think it’s tricky getting my partner to tell me what we really needs. In the same way, I know he stresses out when he doesn’t know what I want from him. This is one of the reasons I’m thrilled to be working on our relationship using this plan. The YearBook for Couples clarifies all the ‘unspoken’ stuff in a romantic relationship and what a relief! It does require you to get your kids to sleep and to sit down together 2-3 nights. Also, it requires persistence and an open mind. As soon as the work is done, the road to a happy year with much less conflict is very visible! I warmly recommend YearBook for Couples 2017!”


Annette says:
”At the end of every year, I sit down and spend a couple of days rounding off the year nicely by planning for the coming year in my business. Every year I’m asked why I spend so much time on this. My answer is short and it’s always this: ”Because I take my business seriously and because I know it works.” The interesting thing is that I never thought of doing the same thing about my relationship. Does this mean that I’m not serious about my relationship? Apparently I’m not as serious about it as I am about my business, and that’s pretty thought provoking, isn’t it? The YearBook for Couples is genius. It holds our hands and forces us to look at what works, what doesn’t work and what we’d like more of. We then, in a very structured manner, make plans together and this increases our focus on what we find important thus helping us act on this in our daily life. I’ll recommend anyone who’s serious about their relationship to use this YearBook for Couples. It works!”


Margit says:
“We suddenly find that we have time together without our kids – or kids who’s almost 18 years of age – but what do we do with this time? This is where the YearBook for Couples 2017 is an incredible tool. Yes, we have ideas about all the things we’ve missed doing and things we’ve talked about doing but all things we just haven’t gotten around to doing! We’ve simply forgotten how it is to have time together and we’ve ”forgotten” what it is we actually want. Now emotions and wishes are brought to life and we’ll have a plan. Can’t wait to dive deep into this and to strengthen our marriage.”


Heidi, who’s single, says:
“I’m single, after an ugly break-up 14 years ago, and therefore, I’m not an obvious user of Maj’s YearBook for Couples. However, I’ve discovered why I’m still single and what I want from a future relationship. I’ve dug out my old wishes and I’ve written them down in the YearBook. The book has very clearly defined lists with very good questions. I’m very excited to experience the wishes I wrote down come true – I can’t wait to meet them.”


Jette Toft, who’s single, says:
“I must say, I’m very impressed with the YearBook for Couples 2017. I’ll definitely use it in the future as well. I’ve been single for 3.5 years now. However, I truly believe that if I’d known about this YearBook for Couples when I was married, it would have helped us immensely when our marriage started to fall apart. It puts a relationship in perspective, as well as the whole ‘where I/we are headed’ is made clear. Even though I’m single right now, it’s given me food for thought and I warmly recommend the 2017 YearBook for Couples.”


Claudia says:
“I was very excited to see what this was. Most of all because I know Maj privately. Even though I often hear about her exciting new projects I’ve never actually done one of her courses, plans etc. A Sunday night we tucked our son in and then the two of us sat down on the couch with a cup of coffee. We turned the TV off, put our feet up and got out a pen and the YearBook for Couples. We started off by looking at the year 2013. Did we have some ups and downs throughout 2013? Yep, because life sure does throw some challenges at you but we’ve gotten through it and we’re stronger individuals for it but we’re also stronger as a couple and last but certainly not least as a family. We have learnt from our mistakes, gotten over some things, made compromises, drawn lines in the sand and sat boundaries. We’ve done all this to give something of ourselves but also to look after ourselves and each other. This was all very evident to us after going through the questions from 2013 in the YearBook for Couples. The questions were, to us, a guideline and a way to start some conversations.’’


Helle says:
“I can’t WAIT to start this; to look back on 2016 and to look forward to a new year filled with new goals. I’m also excited to a year from now, where we’ll sit back and look back on what has worked and where we’ve improved. Maj Wismann’s YearBook for Couples is very nice and very well done. I don’t doubt for a second that this focus on our relationship’s strengths and weaknesses is a true gift. I have gotten divorced once before and I don’t want to end up in that place again. I’m well aware that it requires conscious work to make a relationship work. I’m certain that the YearBook for Couples is an aid for any relationship.”


Anja Lind says:
“We have been together for 23 years now and even though we know each other’s good and bad, it’s been very uplifting to do this YearBook for Couples together. It’s no secret that we, as human beings, change throughout our entire life and it can be very beneficial to stop up every now and then and just check that you’re still headed in the right direction. I can definitely recommend YearBook for Couples 2014, and let me just say that the money well spent. We are going to go through it a bit here and a bit there and start wherever is best for us. I’m excited to see what changes it brings throughout the year.’’


Thomas Rosenstand says:
“When I received the PDF I had a very quick read through it and, truth be told, I was disappointed. I saw that it didn’t really say very much. And I had to fill out a lot myself. Hmmm – I thought that I was getting the secret to eternal love and hot desire spoon fed to me. A bit disappointed I put it away and went back to work. However… The nest day I went out onto the deck and sat in the shade (there are a few advantages of living in Florida in January in 28 degree weather) and I read through it again. And then it clicked: this is a guide. I realised that the YearBook for Couples 2014 is a provocation to get you thinking and I love that. I love it when the simplest things can provoke my brain into thinking new thoughts. And this is exactly what this YearBook for couples did! After reading it and actually understanding it, I must admit that this is money very well spent in order to maintain an awesome, fun, more giving and more sex filled relationship. Wauw! I was provoked into THINKING! And when I translated the book to my girlfriend, whose Danish language is limited to a few rude words, she caught on too. Her initial reaction was something like this: “This is serious stuff and good food for thought”.


Lea says:
“When you read the introduction to YearBook for Couples 2014 you can’t help but feel amazed by the work which has been put into it. There is no doubt in my mind that she loves what she does and that she knows love and the elements that keep it together. The plan is filled with actual tasks for you to do and they are all very accessible. The book is 33 pages but it’s very easy to jump between questions and do whichever ones you feel are more relevant to you at the given time. What all the tasks have in common is that they are easy to understand and to get started on and there is absolutely no doubt that this is stuff that’s been tested and it could benefit any relationship.’’ 


Heidi from psychologist says:
“I’m left with a lovely feeling that things we kind of already knew are now clear enough for us to act on. We have been given – or we’ve given ourselves – a loving reminder of what is good for us and what we need to clean up. And we now have a nice little book filled with our agreements, wishes and dreams for our relationship in the coming year. Not too bad at all. And I can’t help but smile when I think about when we were asked the question of ‘’how will your relationship be in 2014?” and we both answered ’’good!” That’s a pretty good starting point for the next 8736 hours!” 


Yes please – I’ll take the e-book YearBook for Couples 2022



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Get My Free E-book "When sexuality plays up" and learn:

❤ Can celibacy boost your sex drive?
❤ What is sexual inferiority and what can you do about it?
❤ How do you bring back the spark?
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