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When sexuality plays up - E-book from Maj WismannClinical Sexologist and relationship therapist Maj Wismann has put together 11 of her best articles in this little e-book called “When Sexuality Plays Up”.


In the e-book, you’ll find these articles:

•    The Sexual Inferiority

•    Think differently and have more sex!

•    The Metal-to-Magnet Pull!

•    Boost your sex drive with celibacy!

•    Sex drive – what’s that?

•    What does men really want from women?

•    Sensuality and sexuality!

•    Is your relationship a cake too?

•    Part 1: Three major reasons to why your sex drive is low (or completely gone)

•    Part 2: Three major reasons to why your sex drive is low (or completely gone)

•    Part 3: Three major reasons to why your sex drive is low (or completely gone)


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”When I first contacted Maj I had been thinking a lot about what I thought was the problem in my relationship. My husband and I were on two different tracks and couldn’t figure out a way to be on the same one. This resulted in misunderstandings, moaning and negativity. Maj listened for a long time and took notes and then she started asking all the right questions. Her first question was: “Why is your huabnd not here?” And I had to admit that a lot stemmed from my behavior. Maj was being very constructive with this information and more than once I tried to put the responsibility on my husband but she wouldn’t let me get away with that. So you men out there, don’t worry if you’re thinking Maj is going to be on the woman’s side. She’s constructive, empathetic, theoretically skilled, she says what’s needed, she’s very specific in solving tasks, she’s honest, trustworthy, straight-forward and she’s very engaged in what’s going on and will be happy to recommend books etc. Because of all this I felt hope – from day one! I had almost given up and saw this as the last chance of us working out. This is the best money I’ve ever spent. We’ve gotten a life together which I didn’t think possible.” ~Maria

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