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You’ve got a lack of sex drive.

Perhaps it’s been well on its way.

Maybe it’s happened overnight.

The only thing you’re certain of is this:

A lack of sex driveThe sex drive is gone!

You might stay cool and think:

“Hmm… it’ll probably come back if we just give it a couple of weeks.”

You completely panic and think:

“Ohhhh nooo, oh no, oh nooo! Does this mean that I no longer love my partner? Are we getting a divorce? Is he/she going to cheat on me? What’s wrong with me?”

You know what I mean.

You might even try out different “solutions” but…

Nothing seems to work.

And THIS is it!

THIS is the exact moment where you need to know a little something about this whole thing about a lack of sex drive.

Basically, there are two forms of sex drive. This is simplified, of course… Let me explain:

Talking about sex drive in a relationship, that is.

Not the sex drive you experience when you’ve known each other for two weeks.

No no, we’re talking about the sex drive in a relationship, which has matured. A sex drive that no longer runs on “being in love hormones”. We’re talking about the relationship where you’ve known each other for more than 1.5 years and you’re steady partners.

The difference in sex drive is found in whether it’s your sex drive, in general, that’s very low or completely gone or whether it’s the lust for your partner.

If you don’t actually know about this difference it can be so hard figuring out where to look in order to get that sex drive back!

It’s very easy to suddenly think that there’s something wrong with you! (Your partner might start thinking this too and that’s almost even worse!)


● If you’ve lost your lust for sleeping with your partner, there’s often one (or more) relationship based problems between the two of you. These issues make you not want to be close or intimate with the person lying next to you in bed.

● If you’ve got a lack of sex drive, in general, personal issues are often the cause of this. These underlying causes can drain you and make you feel off-balance and then you certainly won’t feel like having sex (Not even with your favourite hot movie star!)


In my large, online workshop “Get Your Sex Drive Back and Keep It For Life” we go through, step by step, what can cause a lack of sex drive, why your sex drive is lower than normal or perhaps even completely gone.

The entire Module 3 is about “you and your sex drive” and module 4 is all about “you as a couple and the sex drive”.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have your very own “work journal” and you’ll have uncovered exactly what’s going on with you and your sex drive.

You’ll also know precisely what to do to get it back – and possibly even boost it to become greater than its ever been.

Got a lack of sex drive - Get help to get it backThis does, however, require you to follow the modules in this workshop.

It also obliges you to take active part in the process in uncovering the root cause(s) and additionally, you’ll have to fill out your own personalized work journal.

And of course, implement into your life, what I teach you.

All 21 classes, who’ve already been through the workshop, were sold out before the workshop even began.

You’re more than welcome to join us when the next class starts up!

And remember, you’ll receive your first exercise straight away; this way you can get started on your work journal and on uncovered what’s going on with you.

You’ll also receive instant access to all of the bonus material. This includes the Mp3/audio interview with Louise who – very honestly – talks about how she found her way back to a high sex drive.

Louise also tells us how she, but also the two of them as a couple, had to change several things and adjust things for them to succeed in their endeavor.

And succeed they did!

You can listen to her lovely and honest story (it’s pretty freaking funny too!) and you can let yourself be inspired 2 minutes after signing up to this workshop!

You can read more about the workshop right here ←


Maj Wismann talks about a lack of sex drive

Maj Wismann – Sexologist and Couple’s Therapist with own clinic since 2006



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