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“You have taught me more about life than any other person ever has before. I used every single piece of advice you’ve given me. You’ve turned me into a person who thinks about life completely differently than I used to. You’ve been worth every single penny and every single minute. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I could spend hours in your company. Everything you’ve taught me in the few hours I spent with you, I will find useful for the rest of my life. YOU have taught me to live for myself and not for how other people think I should live. THANK YOU! You’re worth gold.”


”When we first came to see Maj our desire for sex had disappeared. This was because our love life wasn’t working. We are now very aware that there’s no point in sending out love on one frequency if the receiver of this love is open to receive the love on a completely different frequency. And because of this we’re now also aware that we have to make room for each other’s differences and respect that we have different needs and what may seem insignificant to one of us can be something very important to the other. If it wasn’t for Maj we would’ve split up and out daughter would’ve been a child of divorce. Maj is incredibly present when she talks to you and we felt that she was personally very engaged in our relationship. Kind of like a good friend whom we felt we could confide in and we also went through a huge amount of tissues to wipe our tears. If you need a person who really listens, really tries to understand what you’re going through and doesn’t beat around the bush (while knowing what she’s talking about) Maj Wismann is the one to contact. We’re so happy about the help we got finding love again.”ngs.

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