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– And keep it for life

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Get your sex drive back - Online WorkshopDenmark’s best selling and the world’s first online workshop which through 4 online modules teaches you how to get your lust for sex back, to take control of it and keep it for the rest of your life. Danish sex therapist and couples counselor Maj Wismann shares from her many experiences and guides you safely through the process of you getting your sex drive back – and makes sure that it stays with you. Through more than 12 years of work with women and their sex drive, interviews with over a hundred women, questionnaires over a period of 12 months online sex therapist Maj Wismann has collected everything you need to know in order to get your sex drive back on track for good.  

  • Is your sex drive very low or perhaps completely gone?
  • Have you, with great fear, realized that you’re no longer turned on by your husband?
  • Do you not get that much out of sex, perhaps not even an orgasm?
  • Do you WANT to have sex but when push comes to shove you’re too tired?
  • Are you sick of rejecting your husband again and again?
  • Are you avoiding your husband in situations where he might possibly initiate sex, just so that you don’t have to reject him? Again?
  • And are you SICK of being sad and frustrated and having bad days feeling guilty (perhaps with a grumpy man by your side)?

Get your sex drive back - Online Workshop

A lack of sex drive, or a reduced sex drive, is the biggest sexual problem in relationships all over the world and it’s a big sinner in the (very) high divorce statistics. Most men and women don’t wish for a relationship without an active and pleasure filled sex life but the reality of it all is that a lot of people simply don’t know what it takes for them to get their sex drive back. And then the frustrations, the conflicts and the negative and tiring feelings start to show.

“Get your sex drive back – and keep it for life” has been a Danish bestseller for years. More than 1500 woman, men and couples have been through the workshop in Denmark, and now it has been translated into English. Over 4 modules it guides you and teaches you what you need to know about sex drive; regardless of what point in your life you’re at.

The 4 online modules are filled with Maj’s knowledge on sex drive, i.e. from countless sessions with women (this isn’t just theoretic bullshit). You will receive down to earth, practical “this-is-something-everyone-ought-to-know-knowledge” which is all very easy to apply in your everyday life. In addition to this you’ll be taught exercises and tools as well as becoming familiar with techniques all based on hundreds of sessions and interviews with women, who all in a short space of time, have found their sex drive and gotten it back.

Step by step, Maj shows you how to conquer back your sex drive, so that you no longer have to put up with that guilty conscience and the thoughts of: “there’s something wrong with me”. You don’t have to deal with the grumpy (and unhappy) man and the feeling of not being good enough. Instead, you’ll go to a place where YOU are in control of your sex drive; a place where you have taken back the power, the control and the pleasure.

“Get your sex drive back and keep it for life” contains:

Module 1: Basic knowledge about sex drive

Module 2: And the sex drive’s gone!

Module 3: Look after yourself, goddamn it!

Module 4 – part 1: The sex drive and the relationship – 1, 2, 3 go!

Module 4 – part 2: “Take it to a higher level” Get your sex drive back 100 satisfaction guaranteed

* For a detailed description of the modules, please find it further down on this page
* My personal guarantee to you: 100 % satisfaction guarantee. If you feel that myself and this workshop haven’t lived up to what I promised you and if you haven’t seen any results whatsoever, I’ll be more than happy to refund you for your investment. Read more about the satisfaction guarantee further down on this page.

You also receive:

+ Case story interview (Mp3) with Louise who got her sex drive back after attending the “Get your sex drive back” Danish online workshop. Listen to her story (in English) and learn from her, her thoughts and her experience.

Anna Bogdanova about woman, fitness, exercise, libido and sex drive

+ Bonus interview (Mp3) about women, fitness, exercise, libido and sex drive – Expert interview with personal trainer Anna Bogdanova



Umahro Cadogan about woman, nutrition, diets, food and libido

+ Bonus interview (Mp3) about women, nutrition, diet, food and libido – Expert interview with Nutrition Expert Umahro Cadogan



Coco Berlin about womans relationship with their bodies and sex drive+ Bonus interview (Mp3) about women’s relationship with their bodies and sex drive – Expert interview with sensuality coach Coco Berlin



Cindy Russell about woman, anxiety and sex drive

+ Bonus interview (Mp3) about women, anxiety and sex drive – Ekspert interview with anxiety coach  Cindy Russell



Maj answers questions about how to increase sex drive

+ Access to over 50 specific questions to sex drive & the online workshop material from women, men and couples about how to increase sex drive as well as detailed answers from Maj Wismann.



How does it actually work?

An online workshop is where we ”meet” online. This basically means that you’re sitting at home with your computer, your laptop, your iPad or your iPhone and then you just log in and you’ll be online in our shared online space. Every Tuesday night a new module is released at 8pm (New York Time) Put a big X in your calendar, sit back and learn all the new stuff.

Because it’s online modules it isn’t live. However, I still recommend you to have a look Tuesday at 8pm when the new module is released and available to you. Online means that it’s However, I still recommend you to have a look Tuesday at 8pm when the new module is released and available to you. Online means that it’s completely anonymous, accessible and easy to deal with. You are guaranteed complete anonymity, so that you can feel safe, lean back and learn all this new material. It’s important that you participate in all workshops modules and bonus material to maximize your outcome of this workshop.


What’s the good thing about it being online?

  • You don’t have to drag your little butt outside the door, you can simply sit at home on your own comfy couch
  • It’s anonymous, so even though there are 50 participants in the workshop, you are actually never going to be in contact with each other
  • You don’t have to go see a sex therapist which is something many people find very intimidating and something they just don’t want to do at all
  • It’s significantly cheaper than a “sex drive course” with a professional which often will be over the course of several sessions


This is how it works – step by step

When you sign up you’ll instantly receive an e-mail about the course including dates and important information. You’ll also receive an e-mail with a login to the large online space for you to get started on ALL the extra material and bonus interviews straight away. There is lots to get started on straight away and then all you have to do is to wait for the Workshop’s module 1 to start. If you in any way is unsure about your login or the information e-mail that you’ll receive 5 minutes – maximum – after you’ve signed up to the Online Workshop, please don’t hesitate to contact me and my team on


But can this workshop actually help me?

Get your sex drive back - Online WorkshopYes, it can. If you want to get your sex drive back and keep it for the rest of your life – and you’re willing to actively put in some effort yourself – then this workshop will most definitely be helpful to you.

The Online workshop is ideal for all women, for example:

  • You who time and time again try to ”set yourself up” for sex; that NOW it’s happening – but then nothing happens!
  • You who believe that you could actually live without sex but still the thought of this make you sad because you know that your husband can’t and you just wish you felt the same way.
  • You who experience that you can get aroused in dreams and wake up feeling aroused but during the day the lust for sex rarely shows itself.

And it’s just as ideal for…

  • You who find that when you finally DO have sex, it’s actually really nice and you can let go but the initiative to have sex never comes from you
  • You who know that during the “being in love” phase you have plenty of sex drive but as soon as the everyday life presents itself you feel a significant decrease in your sex drive
  • You who find yourself feeling uncomfortable as soon as your partner starts to show signs of him wanting to have sex
  • You who believe that sex is just not interesting
  • You who feel pressured by your partner because his sex drive is higher than yours
  • You, who find that you have the best of intentions but when push comes to shove you can’t relax nor enjoy sex
  • You, who needs about 30-40 minutes of foreplay when you finally have sex
  • You who saw your sex drive practically disappear from one day to the next without you knowing why
  • You who find that you do feel lust for your husband when he’s not home but as soon as he walks through the front door your sex drive goes away completely
  • And you who find that sex isn’t a necessity nor a need, well actually you reckon you could live without sex and you sometimes wonder why people talk so much about sex and sex drive


“Get your sex drive back” isn’t for all women

The Online Workshop is for women who genuinely wishes to regain the control of their sex drive and for women who wants to actively work to get the sex drive and the sex life they’re dreaming about.

  • You, who knows that with the right support, the correct knowledge and the right effort on your behalf, you can get to where you want to be.
  • You, who genuinely wants this and with a genuine openness wishes to take responsibility for your own improvements and to dedicate yourself to these four modules.


The Workshop isn’t for you who:

  • Think that you can purchase an aerobic exercise DVD, watch it once and then moan about not having a firm backside already!
  • Is playing a victim and believe that it’s everyone else’s fault and everyone else’s responsibility that you’re at this point in your life right now
  • Only want your partner to change and in no way are you wanting to change your own behavior
  • Moans a lot… and would rather moan and bitch and be grumpy before taking the steps that are needed


What does ”Get your sex drive back” include exactly?

In module 1 ”Basic knowledge about sex drive” you’ll learn:

  • The truth about why a lowered sex drive is – by far – the biggest problem in Danish relationships; a truth most people will NEVER understand
  • The 4 components which HAVE to be present in order for the sex to be so good that the lust for sex will come back automatically
  • Why a lack of sex drive or a lowered sex drive IS NOT a primary sexual dysfunction and why you’re actually COMPLETELY normal if you’re experiencing a lowered sex drive
  • My 5-steps strategy to boost your sex drive which will straight away help you pinpoint where you (and your partner maybe) need to place your focus
  • Why your ability to motivate yourself to want it is far more important than your sex drive being there or not, and how to motivate yourself on the days when you just feel like giving up
  • The definition of what a healthy sexuality really is and what 6 key points you HAVE to know in order to conquer back your sex drive
  • The true number of what “normal” sex drive is for you to actually figure out whether you HAVE a problem or not
  • Why the collective denial of it being harmful to you to watch porn ruins your sex life and what you do about this!
  • Why the media and different sex therapists’ way of presenting sexuality in different news papers, magazines and on TV ruins a lot more than what you even realize and how it creates an emotional distance between you and your partner – and how to fix this!
  • My 3 definitions of different sex drive which you have to know in order for you to avoid having expectations to your sex drive that NO ONE on this earth would ever be able to fulfill
  • About the most common – and biggest! – mistake which basically all couples make when they want to boost their sex drive and why, in most cases, this lowers the sex drive even more
  • The truth about men and women’s sex drive being different and why you can NEVER reach the same level of sex drive as him
  • Why the majority of women only have 5 % of their sexual potential activated and how this is why they walk around thinking there’s something wrong with them
  • Why the thing that you define as “real” sex drive is a goal you’ll NEVER be able to reach and this is why you end up experiencing defeats again and again


In module 2 “And the sex drive’s gone” you’ll learn:

  • The truth about lust and how to take control over it
  • The story about Susan and why she didn’t feel a lust for sex despite her being in a good relationship
  • How you as a couple exploit the situation with the lack of sex drive and turn it into a strength which will bring you closer together emotionally
  • The essentials about the different phases of life which you’ll go through and how these will each affect your sex drive
  • Why many childless couples in the fertility process have their sex drive ruined and what they have to do in order to get it back
  • About the biggest taboo about sex drive; why the lack of sex drive among women is often a big fat lie they tell their men because they’re too scared to admit the honest truth
  • The 10 most common thoughts you have when your sex drive goes away as well as good replacements for these thoughts!
  • The evil circle which EVERYONE experiences when the sex drive goes away and how it will keep you in it + the first step on how to break this circle
  • The thing to really talk about when you talk about sex drive!
  • Why many women, when they finally experience a lust for sex, don’t take action and how to get started
  • Why your partner’s sex drive is suffocating yours and what to say to your partner in order for your sex drive to start growing again
  • Why some women are testing their husbands by saying no when really they mean yes
  • How the level of sex drive often changes during the holidays and what you can do about this in your everyday life
  • Why natural supplements, pills and other “miracle aphrodisiacs” is often just treating the symptoms and in some cases this leads directly to divorce instead of more sex!
  • The 5 main reasons to why men lose their sex drive and why it’s almost impossible to do anything about this


In module 3 “Look after yourself, goddamn it!” you’ll learn:

  • How stress can give you an enormous sex drive and why this can ruin your relationship within a few weeks
  • Why the pill can change a woman’s sex drive dramatically
  • Why your dissatisfaction about your own weight often affects your ability to relax in bed and how you can change this by changing your focus
  • How your diet and changing your diet in order to lose weight often ruins your sex drive
  • Why celibacy and not having sex can boost your sex drive for a period of time
  • A VERY pleasure-filled exercise to re-create the intimacy and the sex drive which is guaranteed to strengthen your relationship
  • Why exercise really boosts the sex drive
  • The story about Sanne, a young, healthy 23-year-old girl. The doctor’s had given up on her lack of sex drive but in the space of only 7 days she got it back
  • Briefly about stress: how this is defined in cognitive psychology and how this affects your sex drive as well as a powerful tool to take away the stress of your everyday life
  • Briefly about how being exhausted and feeling run down will affect your sex drive and why you can’t really fix this in the space of two weeks. You’ll also hear Marie’s story about how feeling exhausted ruined her relationship and her sex life, and why the “cure” was just about to put an end to her relationship
  • How to deal with diseases which affect the lust for sex
  • The story about Trine who had her breast removed at the age of 32 and experienced a life without sex for 4 years before contacting me
  • About the common types of medicine to affect your sex drive and how to handle this
  • How you handle former challenging experiences such as assault and sexual abuse which might be stopping you from having a healthy sex life and sex drive today
  • What depression and anxiety really is an expression for on an intellectual level and why this affects your sex drive and what the best way for you is to get out of these temporary diseases
  • Kristian’s story and how the common way of how to cure depression ruined his relationship and his sex life for years
  • How your sexual confidence is holding you back in bed and what you can do about it
  • Why most women are afraid to “correct” their boyfriend in bed


In module 4 “The sex drive and the relationship 1,2,3 go!” you’ll learn:

  • The 7 biggest relationship ”killers” in regards to sex drive. You’ll also listen to Louise’s story about 8 years without sex drive and how this changed after only 1 session of couples therapy
  • The biggest reason why men often end up scaring the women away when they “just wants to try and boost her sex drive”
  • Why we, naturally, is bound to fail in our relationships and what we can do about this
  • Why your relationship’s emotional condition is much more important than your sex drive even existing!
  • The one question you have to ask yourself in order to find out what your lowered sex drive is really about
  • Why the guy’s way of initiating sex often scares the woman away rather than lure her to bed
  • Why your ability to feel pleasure is much more important than naughty lingerie and a naughty husband
  • How you, from this point on, should be dealing with different levels of sex drive even though you’ve already re-conquered your sex drive
  • How you take the first – and often very difficult – conversation with your husband about boosting your sex drive to make the sex better, without it ending in a conflict or a bad mood
  • How you, in your everday life, get back your sex drive and how simple little changes can lead to a sex life better than ever. You’ll also learn how Kim and Sanne succeeded in this after having fought a lack of sex drive for 4 years which nearly ended in Kim cheating on Sanne!
  • How you deal with the awkwardness which can occur when you haven’t had sex in a while
  • The most boring method of them all but the one which often works wonders when it comes to sex drive


In module 4 – part 2 – “Take it to a higher level” you’ll learn:

  • Why your naughty fantasies shouldn’t be fulfilled but how they can still help you to a better sex life
  • Why men and women often are turned on by different things and which buttons to push to really boost each other’s sex drive
  • How you can trick your brain so that the thoughts disappear to make room for your body’s signals with this thousands of years old trick
  • Why your ability to have an orgasm is affecting you and your husband’s sex drive – and how to deal with this
  • Why your ability to satisfy yourself has an ENORMOUS effect on the quality of sex you have together
  • What sexual intelligence is and how to consciously work with it
  • My best ideas and suggestions in regards to your sexual development
  • How you get ahead of your husband’s sex drive
  • Which masculine traits women are often turned on by. You’ll also hear Marianne’s story about how her garden changed from being a horrible dead field into a beautiful park during the course of a single season of spring and how this awakened her sex drive
  • Which feminine trait men are often turned on by – and why you’ll also get more out of working yours


But what if…. Questions and answers to the Sex Drive Workshop

What if I’m unable to participate Tuesday night or even just unable to attend one of the modules?
All modules are released online Tuesday at 8 pm (New York Time) and they’ll be available in the closed online space to which you’ll have your own personal login details. This way it’s always an option for you to go back and listen to the module again. When you finish the workshop, you have access to the material for the rest of your life. The four modules will be released one by one, every Tuesday for 4 consecutive weeks. You can always see the modules and listen to them again. So – if you’re unable to attend one Tuesday night, you’ll simply login and listen to the module whenever it’s a better time for you.

For how long will I be able to access the material?
Always. As in always. And if there are new updates, more bonus material or new modules you’ll have access to this as well. 
Forever. If you’ve signed up to a module you have access to ALL of the material for the rest of your life.

What if my kids aren’t asleep by 8 pm or they’re ”having a party” when they should really be asleep, and I’m late for the module?
Don’t worry. As long as the workshop is doing the module online it doesn’t matter too much if you’re there at 8pm on the dot. I do still recommend you do the module every Tuesday night in order for you not to get behind.

What if I can’t afford to pay the full amount?
It’s up to you whether you want to pay it all at once or in two or three easy payments with 30 days in-between.

What if I regret signing up?
If you regret your investment I’m unable to refund your money. Unfortunately. Should you regret your purchase you still have full access to all of the material, and you can go through it all at a later date when it’s better suited for you. And when you’ve signed up to the workshop you always have the option of joining a later team and follow this course as well. Are you questioning whether I can “deliver” or not, then sign up to my free online course “The Real Love Blueprint” or download my “When Sexuality plays up” and have a think about whether you reckon I can help you or not.

What if I want my husband to join?
Your husband is more than welcome to participate in this with you, at the same price. There’s no extra charge by having him sitting next to you listening to the modules with you. The workshop is made specifically to women who is experiencing a lowered sex drive – or have lost it completely – however, your husband is welcome to be there with you and there’ll be facts about the man’s sex drive in the workshop as well.

What if I’m interrupted halfway through the course and don’t have time to go through the rest?
When you’re signed up to the workshop you’re signed up “for good”. This basically means that you can join a later team and start over.
You will always have access to the material, and you can always participate again when another team starts. So really, you can do the workshop again and again for the rest of your life.

Should I have sex when doing this workshop?
NO. You most certainly should not. If there’s something that really gets my blood boiling – both personally and professionally – it’s when sexologists and experts tell people to ‘’just’’ have sex even though they don’t want to and that this way their sex drive will come back! They simply have no idea what they’re talking about! I’ve NEVER met a couple who’ve gotten back their sex drive by doing this.
However, I have met A LOT of people who has tried this method and this has only made things a lot worse and just done a lot more bad than it’s done good. Not just sexually but also emotionally and when it comes to love and the relationship. So no, I would never ask any of you to have sex while doing this workshop. You won’t find any exercises in there which require you to have sex, so don’t worry. You’ll learn what has lowered your sex drive – or made it disappear all together – and you’ll learn what you can do to get it back.

What if I’ve already given up hope?
If you’ve been struggling with your sex drive for a long time, you’re probably sitting there thinking ”yeah yeah, that sounds very nice but I’ve lost all hope, so you probably won’t be able to help me”. And this is a very natural thing for you to be thinking, if for years you haven’t felt your sex drive. But even though YOU might have given up hope, I haven’t. 
And I can inform you that many of the women I’ve worked with through the years had practically lost all hope but they still found their sex drive again and they got it back. So even though you’ve lost all hope, you’re so very welcome to join anyway. I’m positive that my knowledge, my experiences and expertise can help you; both in regaining hope but in getting back your sex drive as well.

Can I still participate in this workshop even though I’m pregnant?
Yes, you sure can. You’ll even benefit greatly from participating in this workshop even though you’re pregnant. You’ll learn about what affects your sex drive while being pregnant and you’ll also learn all the things that are so important to know about sex drive in regards to being on maternity leave and being a young family in general. For instance, did you know that breast-feeding reduces your sex drive because of the hormones? And you’ll learn so much more that will benefit you immensely and you’ll know exactly why your sex drive is low in certain periods of your life and you’ll learn what to do about it. So – if you’re pregnant, I want to say a big congratulations to you; creating life truly is an amazing thing and you – and perhaps even your boyfriend/partner/husband – are more than welcome to join my workshop.

Maj, I’m a man who’s lost his sex drive – can you workshop help me?
Yes it can. However, it is made for women and women is my target audience of this workshop, BUT you will find a section on the man’s missing sex drive as well. Additionally, you’ll find that there are a lot more similarities, than there are differences when it comes to a low sex drive in men and women. Also, a lot of the exercises I present you guys with, will be just as applicable to a man and you’ll be able to benefit immensely from these exercises. So yes, if you’re a man who has lost his sex drive, you are more than welcome to join this workshop – just remember to ignore the fact that who I’m speaking to in the workshop is, well, a woman. And please do keep in mind that I do have a satisfaction guarantee, so if you go through this workshop and find that it just isn’t making much sense to you, then you just contact me. Hand on heart, I’m not at all interested in receiving any money from you, if it turns out that you haven’t benefitted from the workshop and its exercises whatsoever. I mean that. All the men however, who have already joined the workshop have been very happy with their participation and they have gained better relationships, a better sex life and more sex drive. As I said though, if this isn’t the case for you, then all you need to do it contact me and we’ll sort it out for you.

We are a homosexual couple – would we benefit from doing this workshop?
Most certainly! If you’re able to ignore the fact that in the actual workshop I’m addressing my talks to women in a relationship with a male partner, then you’ll definitely be able to benefit from joining this workshop. The emotions and the conflicts that arise from one of you having a lower sex drive than your partner are often the same, regardless of your gender. And more often than not, it’s the same talks and exercises that’ll get you back on the right track. So yes, you’re more than welcome to join this workshop. And please remember that I DO have a ‘satisfaction guarantee’. This basically means that if you go through the entire workshop, including all the exercises, and you still don’t feel like you’ve benefitted from this at all, then all you need to do is contact me and I’ll be happy to refund you for your investment.

What if I’m afraid that you’re not good enough? 
I don’t blame you if you’re thinking ”Ahhhh….. She really thinks she’s something special that Maj Wismann buuuut… she can’t help ME. I don’t even know if she’s good enough to help me” To sign up for something like this is a huge step and if you haven’t listened to any of my work before or even seen any of it, I really don’t blame you for feeling doubtful. I would too. I’ll recommend you to surf around on this website. Read the articles I’ve written about sex drive and other topics and sign up for my free online course
“The Real Love Blueprint” or read my free e-book “When sexuality plays up”. This way you will get a better idea of what I’m about and what I can do, and then it’s up to you to decide whether you trust that I’ll be good enough to help you.

What if I’m scared that I won’t be able to motivate myself to complete the full workshop?
Ohhhh yeeees! Don’t we all know this feeling? You sign up for something and you’re feeling extremely motivated to begin with but then after a while the motivation starts to shrink little by little. I for one definitely know this feeling, and this is why I’ve put in a motivational exercise in the very first module which is there for you to do if you feel the motivation starts to disappear. This way you can always be feeling very motivated. You can go through the exercise whenever you feel like you need a small (or a big!) kick up the a**. It’s the very same exercise which I myself use when doing big projects, such as this Online Workshop which has taken me over a year to produce.

What if I’d like to go through the workshop myself and then afterwards with my husband?
All of the material is already in the closed online space – except for the modules which will be released one by one. You’ll get your own personal login details and you’ll be able to access the material whenever needed. Both alone and with your husband.

Can I book private sessions with you, if I wish to do so, during or after the online workshop?
No, unfortunately, you can’t count on this. After July 1st 2013 I no longer offer consultations in my actual practice and I only do very few sessions over the phone / Skype – You are always welcome to reach out to me and see if I have any sessions, but I can´t promise you that I have. This is due to the fact that I now primarily focus on my online workshops and in teaching other sex therapists and couples counselors in – among other things – sex drive.

Am I able to ask questions and receive answers throughout the workshop?
When the 4 online modules are all done, I’ll send you through a personal e-mail and this is where you can hit ‘reply’ and ask me your own individual questions based on the work you’ve done in your journal. It’s important to me to make clear that this workshop is not a personal on-going course with me and therefore, I won’t be available to you personally throughout the workshop. However, when the workshop’s 4 modules are all finished I will send you through that e-mail to give you an opportunity to ask questions. Any questions you might have in regards to the course and your own individual journal, I’ll answer thoroughly. Questions and answers will all be posted in our closed online space – anonymously, of course! To enable me to provide you with the best possible guidance after the workshop has finished, it’s imperative that you’ve been through all 4 modules of the workshop. This is for you to have all the basic knowledge about a lack of sex drive which will ensure that we have you (and you as a couple) treating your missing sex drive in a safe and secure manner, and you’ll know exactly what to do in order to get back your sex drive and what to do when it finally does return!

When is your next workshop being held?

  • The June Class starts up Wednesday the 24th of June at 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The August Class starts up the 25th of August at 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The October Class starts up the 13th of October at 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The November Class starts up the 24th of November @ 8pm  – No longer available for purchase
  • The January Class starts up the 26th of January @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The March Class starts up the 15th of March @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The May Class starts up the 10th of May @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The June Class starts up the 21th of June @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The August Class starts up the 16th of August @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The October Class starts up the the 4th of October @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The November Class starts up the 15th of November @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The January Class starts up the 24th of January @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The March Class starts up at the 14th of March @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The May Class starts up at the 9th of May @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The June Class starts up at the 20th of June @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The August Class starts up the 15th of August @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The October Class starts up the 3th of October @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The November Class starts up the 14th of November @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The January Class starts up the 23th of January @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The March Class starts up at the 13th of March @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The May Class starts up at the 8th of May @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The June Class starts up at the 19th of June @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The August Class starts up the 14th of August @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
  • The October Class starts up the 2th of October @ 8pm – No longer available for purchase
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  • The next online workshop starts up the 22th of January @ 8pm (New York Time) Book here <—


100% satisfaction guarantee – My personal guarantee to you!

Maj Wismann I would be extremely upset to be receiving money from an unhappy woman and customer. I’m here to help you and to make a difference in the world, and I genuinely wish for you to get back your sex drive and for you to take control of it. This is why I offer you a 100 % satisfaction guarantee for up to 4 weeks after the last of the four modules. If you feel that I, myself, and the workshop hasn’t lived up to what I’ve promised you, and you haven’t experienced any results at all, then I’ll be happy to refund you for your investment.


In order to use this satisfaction guarantee you must have completed the entire workshop, done all of the exercises, used all the tools and techniques and listened to all of the bonus interviews. All you have to do is send me through a copy of your work journal.


Because I Because I know that if you complete this workshop you’ll see results. It’s as simple as that really. If you go through the work, and it still doesn’t do anything for you, then I don’t deserve your money at all and I’ll be happy to refund you.


Get your sex drive back - Online Workshop in 4 modules


When does the workshop start?

The next online workshop class starts the 22th of January @ 8pm (New York time) –  Sign up here ←  



It is so important to me that all women and couples get through this online workshop. To secure a nice experience for everyone involved, the online workshop’s closed online classroom is strictly limited to a maximum of 50 participants. When the spots are filled, registration closes.


How much does the workshop “Get back your sex drive” cost?

In addition to purchasing a small notebook to work as your work journal throughout this course, the price for the course is USD 199. You can choose to pay over two transfers of USD 105 each, or in three transfers of USD 75 each. The transfers will each have to happen automatically with 30 days in between.


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This is what previous particpants have to say about the workshop:

*** Disclaimer: These are people´s own experiences, please keep in mind that they may vary from person to person

”Throughout this workshop about sex drive I’ve started to feel ”life” again in my pelvis. Before the workshop this was an extremely rare occurrence to feel that happening. Now it feels like I’ve conquered this ”land” of mine back. And this is an amazing start to getting our sex life back. The best thing for me has been the 4 online modules and the thought that we were many women sitting there at the same time, in our own living rooms, listening to you tell us about sex drive and relationships. I’ve also learnt that my lack of sex drive is my responsibility, meaning that I won’t get it back if I don’t look after myself and my pelvis. I really want to recommend this workshop to others who are ready to work with their sex drive. My boyfriend has been listening and reading these four modules, and according to him he’s learnt a lot more about why my sex drive is minimal and what his role is in all this. He has also learnt that it is not my responsibility to satisfy him 100 percent all the time. We’ve talked about what we’ve learnt in this workshop and some good truths have come out. It’s been very liberating for me. And Maj, it’s so amazing how engaged you are in your work, that you really want to help people. It really shows in your modules and I can’t help but being captivated by your words.”


”More than 4 years ago, I signed up for Maj Wismann’s online workshop on sex drive, and it’s hands-downs the best thing I’ve ever done for my sex life and my relationship! Back then, my husband kept saying that we should just have sex and the sex drive would return… He’d read it in an agony column somewhere online. But it didn’t return and I really didn’t want to be doing this. So no, it didn’t work, it actually did the exact opposite; I felt my sex drive grow smaller and smaller. Before I signed up for the workshop, I had no sex drive whatsoever. As in NO sex drive AT ALL. It had become a huge topic of conversation between us, and my husband kept telling me that we just needed to have sex and then my sex drive would return. We tried this but oh, it just felt SO wrong. Most times, it actually felt like an assault. Even when we got started, and the few times I actually felt a bit of an increase in my sex drive and it all felt quite nice, it still didn’t feel right. And when we had finished, I was right back where I’d started out as I hadn’t really wanted to have sex in the first place, you know? This type of experience caused my sex drive to decrease and I started wondering whether something could be seriously wrong with me. I felt so wrong, both towards my husband who was frustrated with the whole situation, but towards myself too. When we’d had sex, I’d catch myself thinking: “phew, that buys me a couple of weeks”, as I knew he’d leave me alone for a little while. It’s absolutely terrifying to think back on. I didn’t think about it every single day simply because I shot down anything sexual inside of me. I would, however, think about it every single time he approached me wanting to ‘do stuff’, and at one point I saw pretty much ANYTHING as an invitation; I was even scared to give him a kiss. I panicked and thought: “Crap, that’ll just make him want it and then I’ll have to reject him again and that’ll start a conflict between us again.” I felt like such a horrible wife because I just kept rejecting my husband – in the end, I’d pretty much run away every time I saw him. It was such a difficult time as I kept thinking that I couldn’t be married to another human being when I didn’t want to have sex. I mean, it wasn’t what we had “agreed on” when we entered into this marriage. So yes, I compeltely understand that he was feeling frustrated and desperate but at the same time, I felt more and more panicky too. What if my sex drive never returned? Would we have to get a divorce? In the end, I didn’t even miss my sex drive and I felt ashamed of that too. I was embarrassed that this was how I felt and I truly felt that I should be ashamed of myself for feeling this way.  I blamed myself so much during this time; I particularly remember thinking that I wasn’t a “real” woman… There had to be something wrong with me since my sex drive wasn’t showing itself whatsoever. At this point, the only thing we spoke about was how frustrated my husband was feeling, and I kept promising him that “something would happen”, but I had absolutely no idea what to do. I felt so lonely… We never spoke about the cause of the problem, and if we’d tried to solve the problems, we wouldn’t have had a clue about what to do as none of us knew a thing about this. And so, all of our conversations revolved around his frustrations and this just made everything worse. MY sex drive certainly didn’t grow from all the guilt and shame I was feeling. I did try to talk to my girlfriends about it but this was no good either. When I felt fed up with it all and ready to throw in the towel, the online workshop suddenly appeared on my Facebook feed. I HAD to do something and BAM, there it was. THAT was the online workshop I was missing; THAT is what I needed to do. I was terrified that I wouldn’t secure my spot that round. Our relationship was hanging by a thread and if I didn’t find a solution, it would surely break. I was thrilled to learn that the workshop was anonymous and online. Despite the fact that the knowledge you receive in this course is very high-level, Maj does an excellent job at structuring it to make it more accessible and understandable. There are so many examples, which constitute a lot of the teaching and this makes it all very easy to understand. All of a sudden, you recognise yourself and your own thoughts, feelings, and reactions. SO – even though it’s high-level stuff, it’s easy to understand and it’s very ‘down-to-earth’ filled with great examples and exercises. And the exercises are ones you can actually do! There’s no ‘magic’ in it. The entire foundation for the sex drive (and for it to even be present) is here in this workshop. It’s sort of like sex ed for adults and everyone ought to go through this. Slowly but surely, I worked my way through the modules and this process gave me so much clarity. I was finally able to identify what was blocking my sex drive. This process was detrimental to turning this around and it was absolutely necessary for me to go through this; I didn’t feel like a “whole” human being, and now I suddenly knew why. Now I could act on what was causing this problem and hereby solve the issues I was having with my sex drive – in the meantime, my sex drive had actually begun to increase. It had started to increase because I started doing an exercise from the workshop. I’d only spend a couple of minutes each day doing it but it made such a difference! This exercise reminded me of the fact that I was in fact able to feel my own sexuality, it was in my body! It WAS NOT gone! This exercise made me come back to myself, and it made me feel my body again which allowed me to finally change my focus.  And oh man, did I start to feel stuff! But… The crazy thing is that I had NO IDEA that any of these things that were happening in our relationship could affect my sex drive! It was a HUGE eye-opener for me and I suddenly felt everything fall into place. Don’t forget, I was certain that there was something wrong with me – I thought I’d turned into this grumpy, old bitch who had nothing but anger and resentment left for her husband, but in reality, my lacking sex drive was my body’s natural reaction to what was happening around me. I cannot tell you how RELIEVED I felt. I now knew what was causing my sex drive to go away, and I was finally able to actually start solving this problem. The mere fact that I found the causes behind it meant that me stressing over it died down, and this made me feel my sex drive again – slowly but surely. It was insane! I felt so CALM during this whole process and there’s quite a logical reason for that: not ALL of the responsibility belongs to me. I was confirmed in my feeling of just having sex despite not wanting to simply does-not-work, and there is nothing wrong with me. The best thing was that I gained clarity on why my sex drive had gone away and this enabled me (and my husband) to start doing something about it. Getting through the 4 modules was a crazy ride and it was such a relief to discover that I actually did have a lot of sex drive – I still do – and I can now dial it up and down as I please. I know exactly what makes it go away and what makes it grow! Imagine, I had even started to wonder whether I’d perhaps been born an asexual person. It’s just insane. We started having sex again. Slowly but surely. I could feel my body again. I felt that I was in fact a sexual creature. I felt that I did actually want to have sex again. The workshop helped me understand that I AM a sexual being and I DO want to have sex – and A LOT of it too – but I want to have it with a partner who’s my equal and who respects me for who I am; someone I can feel safe with and someone who’s responsible. What I’ve also learnt is that sex drive doesn’t just disappear. Not for me, anyway. I have some fundamental needs that I need met in order for me to want to have sex. For instance, I need to feel safe. If I don’t feel safe, I can’t let go and be feminine, sensual, and naughty. The workshop has taught me to dial my general sex drive up and down as I like.  I’ve learnt that my body and my sex drive is completely normal; it was just reaction to an imbalance (which I corrected).  I’ve learnt what triggers my lust – what my husband can do but also what I can do myself. I even developed a sexual language; I am now able to put words to things I’ve never been able to talk about before.”   – Caroline


”My husband did not want to participate in the workshop and I, of course, was nervous whether I’d benefit from participating myself. I must admit, I was impressed. Both with the high professional quality throughout the 4 modules but also with the fact that in a fairly short amount of time I’ve gained a much greater understanding of my body and what it has actually been trying to tell me for years. I now know why my sex drive has been “sleeping” for years, and I feel it returning! My husband agreed to be a part of the exercises couples can do and these are really good and very comfortable. No pressure to have sex, no bad conscience, no guilt and no conflicts. This workshop has saved our relationship. If I hadn’t participated in it, we would’ve started dividing up our property. On his own initiative my husband has started going through the modules and it’s great that he’s finally decided to be a part of this and that he is making an effort. He has, at long last, understood that it isn’t just me being “weird” but that this sex drive issue is a problem that we must solve cooperatively. And just the fact that he has this new insight makes me want HIM more. I’ll definitely recommend this workshop to ALL men and women, even though they aren’t struggling with a low sex drive. The knowledge presented in these modules should be compulsory in high school. Thank you, Maj. Thank you so much!” Helle


”I am DEEPLY grateful for my husband finding Maj’s online workshop and that we decided to give it a go and join a workshop in the fall. The workshop is described very well and after reading through the course description I knew that I just HAD to be a part of it RIGHT NOW! The modules are long and intense and even though the knowledge is all very relevant and VERY educating AND even though we benefitted greatly from these modules, we did decide to “break them in half” and do one half on a Wednesday and the other half on a Sunday. And now I just have to say that it’s lovely to (finally) listen to a sexologist who is very fair and decent and who treats these extremely sensitive topics in such a nice and elegant manner. A lot of sexologists could learn from that! This workshop has made both of us A GREAT DEAL wiser on men and women’s different approaches to sex and sex drive. In my case, I had to change some things around in my everyday life in order to get back my surplus energy and with this renewed energy my sex drive has returned. I’ve completed the exercises for women that were relevant to me and together we have followed Maj’s advice on the exercises for couples and it has just been such a joyful journey. It has completely astonished me how much I actually enjoy being physically close to my husband again. We’re doing everything at our own pace and it’s nice to feel that even though we aren’t progressing as intensely as we probably could, my sex drive is still returning nice and slow.” Charlotte, 42 years-old


”Now I’m confident enough to be naked with my husband. That is something I haven’t felt comfortable about in several years. It’s no longer something I see as a scary thing and it’s no longer something I desperately try to avoid. The workshop has provided me with the tools I need to speak to my husband about my problems and about how I feel about my low sex drive and about why it is so low. In one of the modules I discovered that I’ve had absolutely unrealistic expectations to how high I thought my sex drive should be and it has been such a relief to be able to let these thoughts go. Now, 10 weeks after the workshop ended, I don’t think about sex drive every day. Before the workshop I pretty much never STOPPED thinking about it. We now have sex one to two times a week just like before my sex drive disappeared and I must admit that the sex we have now is significantly better than ever before and this is all because we completed one of Maj’s exercises for couples.” Anonymous women, 48 years-old


”I was nervous whether I would get value for money. It’s not exactly every day you spend money on yourself! Even though I haven’t gotten back a fiery sex drive, I’m more than happy and it has been worth every cent and more. I’ve finally put all of these feelings in my body into words and I’ve figured out my sex life for the first time in my 45 years of life! I’ve found an inner peace and I’ve realized that I’m exactly how I should be and that my body is perfectly fine. I’ve also learnt that my lack of sex drive simply is a reaction to different things in my life I need to pay attention to, which I’m working on right now. My husband is a part of this process as well. I have started my exercises presented in the module and we have recently started some of the couple’s exercises and I’ve STARTED TO FEEL MY LUST! For the first time in many years!!!!! Imagine that 4 modules can make such a difference. Maj, I don’t know how to thank you. Your course has changed my entire life, my way of looking at myself as a human being, a woman and a sexual creature. And my husband is happy. For the first time in years he “dares” to give me kisses and hugs when he gets home from work. I no longer run away, I now accept his embrace. This is something we’ve both missed for many, many years. Maj, I can’t thank you enough and words are not enough but you must know that you’ve changed my life.” Gitte (and Søren)


”To be completely honest, I haven’t listened to all the modules. Not that I don’t think that the content of it is good enough (not at all!) but rather for the fact that the solution to our problems were found in the first two modules. My whole experience with your course and what spurred it on started one night at 2:30am. I was sitting on my couch feeling miserable! I could recognize myself in ALL of the examples on reduced sex drive given in the modules and I felt like the worst wife in the whole world. I felt guilty and I was certain that if something didn’t happen really soon, we’d get divorced. The thing was that I could easily look at my husband and think “hottie!” or walk around at home and want him when he was at work. But then as soon as he got home I just got annoyed with him and it was the lion-gazelle story again and again and again. So this particular night at 2:30am I was sitting on my couch and I wrote you a letter. I was completely honest and I managed to put my thoughts and my guilt into words. I never sent the letter nor did I ever show it to my husband. But I did decide to have a long talk to him and together we decided to listen to your online modules. After two modules and quite a few of your expert interviews I had an epiphany. I AM normal!!! I’m not the only woman in the world who doesn’t get a tsunami flooding in my panties when my husband looks at me or when he grabs my boobs out of the blue. I especially felt like I could identify myself with Louise (I think her name was Louise) from your podcasts. She sounded like she was a strong believer of what she thought was the norm. As one of her girlfriends even said to her: ”If you don’t have sex with your husband at least twice a week, you may as well split up!” This is exactly what I thought as well. I was so concerned about fitting into a particular role, so much that I didn’t even allow myself to consider if I even fitted into this role I was creating! Now I see myself much more like Louise sees herself in the latter part of the interview: confident, at peace with herself and doesn’t really care if you have crazy sex on the kitchen table every day and every other day. My husband and I have found our own rhythm and when we listened to these modules together I saw how he has taken some things in as well – which, I must say, is all to my advantage too 😉 More than anything I can say that what your “universe” has given me is the faith in my own sexuality. It sounds like a cliché but I’m suddenly much more aware that it’s MY sexuality and no one else’s. My husband and I have found our rhythm and it has certainly become more frequent due to the fact that I’ve accepted that I’m a normal woman who doesn’t just throw myself at him as soon as he enters the door. I can feel that I’ve become much happier, more patient and just a bigger person after sorting out this thing which clearly took up way too much space in our relationship. And I owe you such a massive thank you. Thank you.” T


”It has been a pleasant experience being a part of Maj’s Online Workshop. Pleasant because it has changed how I see myself but also because it has been really easy, being online. I didn’t have to leave the house but could sit at home without having to plan anything at all, I simply had to turn my computer on. The modules are done really well, a good amount of film with Maj’s voice and then slides with points so you can follow it all by reading the slides too. Maj certainly achieves to turn a very difficult and taboo topic into something that’s easy to understand and easy to relate to. There were a lot of eye-openers throughout these 4 modules and I’m now very clarified about why my sex drive was close to gone. When I signed up for the workshop I received an exercise which I had to start right away. The first few days it was difficult but it quickly became easier and easier to do and I discovered that I actually do feel my sex drive several times a week! THAT came as a huge surprise to me, as I had already placed myself in the category of women who “doesn’t have a sex drive at all”. Within 4 weeks of following Maj’s recommendations and exercises I created a better connection to my pelvis. In the beginning I did think that it seemed a bit silly and a bit of a jar that I had to do that. However, within a few days it all made perfect sense. Again, such an eye-opener. Overall, I just saw that if I just follow Maj’s recommendation, I’ll get results so quickly. Sure, if I had just done the workshop without putting any effort into doing the exercises or the many other really great tools you’re presented with, spoon-fed pretty much, I would’ve gotten a lot of new knowledge but I wouldn’t have seen a change. Therefore, I’m so happy I did the exercises and I approach them with my head held high and full of hope – something I haven’t felt for many years!!!! I’m even experiencing that it’s a nice thing now to be touched by my husband. Before the workshop I didn’t find that nice at all. I hated it because I was always thinking: ”Ok, now he wants to have sex and I can’t give him that.” Now I’m enjoying his touch, I’m receiving them and I’ll hug him and touch him too. Imagine that! 3 months ago I was crying because I was one of those people who didn’t have a sex drive!!!! ALL women should join this workshop and I’ve already recommended it to all of my girlfriend, both young and old.” Maria


”I previously completed Maj Wismann’s course about jealousy which helped me/us/our relationship immensely, so I knew that Maj is incredibly talented, and this is why I was brave enough to sign us up to the workshop on sex drive. After the 4 modules I’m now much better at just letting go and just enjoy it when we have sex and not think about laundry, washing up or a thousand other things. We both really enjoyed going through the modules. Also, my husband now understands me A LOT more after listening to the modules, and we both benefit from this. The exercises are really good and we do really benefit greatly from working with these, and we now know each other better than before the workshop. Before I/we started this workshop I honestly believed that there was sometihng wrong with me. There were all these tv-shows showing people that HAD to have sex EVERY day and that this, according to them, was REALLY something which helped their relationships. I thought this was very challenging and I couldn’t stand the thought of forcing myself to have sex every day when frankly I didn’t really want to. And this lead me to believe that there was something wrong with me, and I even thought that I didn’t want to do anything for our relationship because I couldn’t do like they did on these shows. I started feeling really bad because of this! But then I saw that Maj Wismann had done this online workshop and I was so happy! I sign up AS SOON AS I SAW IT, because Maj is so talented at what she does. Maj, your method is effective and nice, and you’re not forced into anything you really don’t want to do. And it works! After the exercises we’ve done, I feel like my partner and I are becoming a lot closer. We’re working with these exercises very slowly – but steady – but it pays off and I don’t feel pressured into doing anything! We’re now a lot closer, it’s moving along slowly and we’re both fine with this and aware that this is just going to take the time it takes. And to us it’s important that we remember to communicate more and be closer to each other; touching each other, massage each other, put an arm around the other person when we go to sleep, lots of kisses and expressions of our love to each other. We’ll definitely go through the workshop again after our little girl has been born, I’m sure we will benefit from it once again. At the moment our main focus is on my pregnancy. We’ll definitely recommend this workshop to others; there are so many good things to learn about each other if you sit down and listen to Maj words of wisdom. We don’t have anything negative to say about this workshop, we both really believe that Maj and the workshop is awesomeAnna and Jonas


“Maj! I’m thrilled already! You just have to know! I couldn’t sleep at all last night; I kept thinking “Oh this is going to be so good!”. My husband was there all through module 1 and we had the best talk after which I’ll remember for a long time. Open, honest and non-judgmental – it was amazing! It’s too bad I have a night shift next Monday because I really can’t wait to see your next module. Thank you for this kick up the a**, it was exactly what I needed.” Exciting thoughts from Malene


”Dear Maj and dear whoever else is reading this right now. I have NEVER been so happy about a purchase before! Not a day goes by where I don’t feel happy about being brave enough to sign up for this course. I have finally understood why my body hasn’t felt up for having sex and why I haven’t had a sex drive for my husband. I’ve learnt that I can decide what is happening to my sex drive and it sure isn’t my sex drive who should be calling the shots here and decide what I want to do with my life, my relationship and my sex life. It has been difficult going through these 4 modules; I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve been speechless, I’ve yelled out “hooray!”, I’ve had to listen again and again and I’ve learnt to listen to my gut feeling and listen to the answers I’m ultimately giving myself. Before, I didn’t know how to listen to these signals and answers, NOW I do. And I want to thank you for that, Maj. There were several factors which affected my sex life. Both things I was able to change right away but also things which will take me longer. I’ve started the process and I’m already noticing a MASSIVE difference. It’s very intense this whole thing and the 4 modules are packed with knowledge so it does require you to concentrate. Because of this, it’s so great that I can listen to it whenever I want, any time of the day. Sometime I’ve just listened to it for 15 minutes while driving in the car to pick up kids or groceries. I wish I could take this course and give it to all my girlfriends and all the other mums in our Mothers Group.” Jannie, mother of 3 and married for 16 years


”I signed up to Maj’s workshop over a year ago and first off I went through it alone because my husband refused to participate in it with me. This hurt me a lot. He wouldn’t be a part of it because he didn’t think it would help us! For several years we haven’t had sex. First I had an operation done in my lower pelvis and after a long period of time where we physically couldn’t have sex it had become awkward and weird for us to start having sex again. I was afraid of feeling pain and my husband was afraid he’d hurt me and we just never spoke about it. Years passed like this with both of us feeling frustrated about our non-existing sex life and my sex drive which ultimately disappeared completely. It would often end up in fights and tears. As I was going through Maj’s workshop alone I, first of all, finally completely understood what sex drive is and why it comes and goes but I was also given the tools to actually strengthen my own sex drive. Nice and easy I started doing whatever I could. Things which all made my sex drive bigger. And then I started talking to my husband, following Maj’s recommendations in one of the modules. It turned into some long and difficult talks. Talks where we, at long last, put our thoughts into words and spoke about the frustrations and the longings we both had. Together we decided to go through the workshop – together – and we’ve followed her instructions for couples too. It’s lovely how there are instructions to yourself as a woman but also instructions for couples. Even though the exercises in the workshop can be difficult at first, it’s still the best thing we’ve ever done. I wish the hospital had given us Maj’s workshop after my operation. Why did we have to be so unhappy for so many years when the help was right here? Dear Maj, we want you to know that you’ve changed our lives. Thank you.” Birgit (and husband)


”It has been a weird and wonderful journey my wife and I have been on participating in these 4 modules. And even though I might have had a slight worry that we’d be cheated and disappointed by some trickery on the internet, I must admit that there was nothing at all wrong with the workshop. Personally I’ve learned the whole see-feel-sense thing and I’ve learned to listen to my wife. To me it wasn’t so much about my sex drive but I’ve focused on finding my wife’s sex drive and also the lust for life, which has happened on so many different levels. I’ve especially enjoyed that a lot has been done to create a good mood every time Maj starts off a module. This way you go through the module and it’s nice and cozy all the way. And then I’ve enjoyed the exercises we’ve been presented with – also the exercises for women even though, as a man, you do feel a little bit girly doing them. I now have a much calmer and balanced everyday life and we are having a lot more sex. I can definitely recommend this online workshop because it is very professional, a lot of thought has gone into making it and Maj has a lovely way of presenting it all to us.” Lasse (and Pernille)


”Dear Maj, hand on heart, if my wife hadn’t signed us up for your workshop and we hadn’t participated in it together, we would’ve gotten divorced. For 13 days now we’ve been doing the very nice exercises suggested by you and hugs and loving touches are already a part of our world again. Physical contact is something we’ve both been missing for years. Thank you.” Thomas


”I have discovered something throughout this workshop which I had never expected: I hadn’t lost my sex drive at all. I DO have a sex drive, I just haven’t been paying much attention to the signals my body has been sending me. These 4 amazing modules have taught me how to be aware of these signals. It has been good how the workshop is very intense with a new module each week; this has given us very fast results such as the fact that I realized that I actually do have a sex drive. I’m now very aware of the fact that it’s certainly not my sex drive for my husband that’s lacking but it’s all these other things affecting it. But! Now I KNOW what affects it and I’ve spoken to my husband about it and we’re already making lots of changes. I was very happy that Maj ”busts” all the myths about sex drive. Myths which I had believed in whenever I see a headline on a woman’s magazine. Now I just roll my eyes and think “idiots..” whereas before the workshop I would’ve been upset. I now know that the people saying all those things simply doesn’t know any better and then I just move on with my day without feeling upset or affected by it, like I used to get, but I just feel happier. I’m happy because we know what works, my husband and I. And we’re very happy about that. I do wish that we had had this knowledge from the workshop 15 years ago when we got married. That would’ve saved us a lot of fights and it would’ve saved me years of not feeling normal and feeling wrong! Maj is very competent and there is no doubt that she clearly knows what she is talking about, professionally and with all her experiences from clients in her clinic. More than once I caught myself thinking: “Hey, has she been to our house?!” Going through the workshop we also learnt how to talk to each other about sex. How to have good talks and deep talks in general as well really – and suddenly it’s a whole new world and a whole new everyday life we now have! When our daughter is old enough she will be presented with this workshop so that she doesn’t have to go through the pain we’ve been through. Thank you Maj! Thank you for being who you are and for taking the time to create this online workshop. It will save A LOT of relationships.” Karina


”I’m now much more aware of my lust. We’re still not through all the exercises which are relevant to us and I do have to learn to react to my lust again, something which I had almost completely forgotten how to do! But it’s moving along, slowly but steady;-) As I said, I’m now much more conscious of my lust and I must admit that I had probably forgotten that I did have a need. I’m also more aware that ”ah right, I have a sex drive as well” because through the workshop I’ve put my focus on my sex drive and I’ve realized that it’s there. I’m positively surprised how much extra material that is included, and I think it’s so awesome how I keep having access to all this material even after the workshop is over. I can go back and listen to – or read – the modules again at my own pace. After completing the workshop I’m now a lot smarter and as I’ve mentioned before I’m more conscious of my lust for sex. It has been a real eye-opener but it has been so hard to get through some of the modules as well. Especially because of how much it makes you think! To me this meant that I’m normal and there isn’t necessarily something wrong with our relationship. Suddenly I could relax and I no longer had to panic. After the course I still feel my lust. A lot. It has been SO helpful, just knowing that I’m perfectly normal.” Christina, age 28


“Dear Maj. A thousand thank you! Because of your course “Get your sex drive back” I’ve learnt that sex drive is also about so much more than sex. I really feel that I’ve gotten to know myself a lot better and I’m now conscious of how much I’ve actually allowed my mood to be controlled by thoughts of doubt and “should-thoughts” etc. Luckily we were in agreement about this being a problem which needs to be dealt with by both of us and that it isn’t just my problem, and we’ve taken this course together. After having listened to the first 10 minutes of module 1 I felt that we should be listening to it together. I felt that it was extremely important for both of us to hear the things you had to say in order for us to have the same starting point and the same basis for doing these exercises and doing the work in being even better together. I’m fortunate enough to have an amazing husband who was totally on board. We’ve been listening to it all together and it’s been so good. You get quite a few “aha-experiences” throughout this course and it worked so well for us to be able to talk about it all as we went along. My husband and I have, like you recommended, made a “to-do” list with the things we want to have a shared focus on, using the microphone technique you taught as well. And the list came from one of our big talks about what makes us both want to want it.  One of the points, for example, is that we sit together every night for 15 minutes. No phone, no computer, no TV, just listening to each other and hearing about each other’s day. Yes! We’ve used so many of your tools. It works! And we have to kiss each other goodbye every morning, with eye-contact and hugs. And because of you we don’t feel silly writing things like this down. Quite the opposite. We feel that we’re pretty cool because even though our relationship is really good we want to be even better. And we want to always be together. Haha, and you should know that we almost feel like we know you. Sometimes we catch ourselves saying things like “Well Maj said that…” or “Ah right, that’s what Maj was talking about..”. It’s funny really. We want to recommend you to everyone we know as well 🙂. And I just wished that more people knew of you. My stomach hurts when I hear famous people (including sex therapists) say that you only need to have sex, then you’ll start feeling lust or that you “should” be having sex 2-3 times a week in order to keep your passion alive. And this is guaranteed to make many people feel wrong, just like I did. Before I listened to your course and found that I’m not wrong at all. When I hear Anette Heick on Mads & Monopolet (Danish Radio Show) say that you as a MINIMUM need to have sex 30 times a year if you don’t want your relationship to die, I want to ring up and scream “NOOOO! That’s not true. Listen to Maj!” So Maj, thank you. Thank you so much. We even have planned to listen to all four modules again. And yes, we have been sitting and listened to each module. Together. It’s been so good and can only be recommended.” Laila


“I have as a man an understanding of how the woman’s sex drive works differently to men’s and I understands why all my attempts to boost our sex life was bound to fail. I tried everything I knew would work for me and I just didn’t understand what I was doing wrong! In addition to the modules which, without a doubt, has been the primary, the case interviews have been great to listen to because they tell the good story about how you actually can succeed and it does pay off to work with the problem. I want to recommend this to others because, well because it’s an eye-opener and it clears some basic misunderstandings. And because I’m convinced that using this workshop in time will make the difference between developing or ending a relationship. Of course this is taken from my own story, where I had a partner who lost her sex drive without being able to put into words why this happened and was convinced that there was nothing to be done about this and kind of, I guess, concluded that it must’ve been our relationship which was all wrong. Thank you for a lot of good inspiration.” Søren


”Dear Maj.Thank you for a very educating course. It has been great to be a part of it. I’ll just give you a little bit of feedback. I myself have become much more attentive to my lust but I’m also much more aware of how much a lack of sleep, a bad diet, stress etc. can affect the sex drive. Additionally we have started your sensuality exercise and this has given some great results so far. I especially like how you can listen to the modules anytime since my boyfriend and I are going through a very busy period and therefore we just haven’t got the time to implement all of the good advice you give us. So as I said, it’s so great that we have the option of going back through the modules and listen to them whenever we have time for it and this also prevents us from forgetting anything. Besides from that it’s so good how you present a lot of different tasks to us for us to have something we can actually do and it’s also a way for us to apply the new knowledge the modules give us. Also, it’s certainly food for thought. Throughout the 4 weeks the workshop goes for I’ve learnt so much about myself and I’ve learnt how much I should prioritize my sex drive before it’s actually there. I’ll certainly recommend it to others. I think there is a lot of good advice given and I’ve found out what could be the cause of a lack of sex drive. As a young woman I’m constantly told how big my sex drive should be when I’m young and I should be in love all the time and so on and all of these things are part of the reason why it has taken me so long to seek help because I felt very abnormal in such a young age to not have any sex drive. Now I know that there’s nothing wrong with me.” Sincerely, Louise 23 years-old


”After participating in Maj’s online course my sex drive has increased and I’m very grateful that this course is available for all eternity. I’ll definitely go through it again over the summer holidays. I’ve even stopped blaming myself for my lack of sex drive and I’ve also stopped putting pressure on myself because now I know what is actually happening and why my sex drive has been so low. It’s great to be given all these basic tools and to try them out. It has certainly made me very interested in sorting it all out but it has also given me a lot of hope and a fighting spirit. One of the first tasks given to us in module 1, which us women have to do individually for 5 minutes each day throughout the course has certainly shown great results! Even though I’ve tried the exercise before for several weeks, Maj has a knack of explaining it and teaching it which is so different to anything I’ve tried before and that has REALLY made such a difference. The change is unbelievable. I’m so relieved now and I feel calm. I’m so thrilled that I’m no longer feeling an enormous pressure. I no longer hate myself for not feeling lust for my husband and just coming to terms with such a thing has actually increased my sex drive! All of this I’ve gotten from these 4 modules. I haven’t even started the bonus material yet. Dear Maj, THANK YOU for creating this course and this online workshop, it has been my only opportunity to move on, I would NEVER have gone to see a sexologist! I’m so grateful to you. Again. Thank you for everything. You and your workshop have changed my life. Thank you.” Pia


“It is just genius that “Get your sex drive back” is an online course. I personally love online courses because of their flexibility; I don’t have to worry about childcare for my children but I can simply sit at home, in my own time, and do it. The most important thing I take with me, already from the first module, is that I now understand how the sex drive biologically works and that there’s nothing wrong with me. In the modules following I got a great insight and understanding of which “buttons” to push in order to increase my sex drive (if that is what I want, that is). After the workshop I’ve gotten an amazing – and deep – understanding of sex drive. This is an understanding I wish I’d acquired many years ago. I’ve also filled up my “tool box” with a lot of practical exercises. So now I know exactly how my sex drive works (and how it doesn’t work) and I know exactly what to do if I want my sex drive to change in some way. And again, most importantly, I now understand that there’s nothing wrong with me, full stop. I’ve already recommended the workshop to a few of my friends, and I’ll definitely recommend this workshop to all women who longs for a better understanding of their sexuality. Finally, I’d like to give a big THANK YOU to you, Maj. It’s really been an amazing workshop!” Woman, age 38, mother of two, in her 10th year of marriage


”Thank you for an awesome module last night, I’m so happy to be a part of it. It was so uplifting and I learned a lot from it. I don’t even know where to begin. I think it’s so sad that sex isn’t in the curriculum at school. It’ll be useful to be taught what you’re teaching us here. Especially the thing about men and women being SO different, and that we’re actually pretty normal when we, women, reach a certain point where we haven’t got that much of a sex drive anymore and so on. All of my relationships have thi sone thing in common: me not feeling normal. And thoughts like ”it’s me there’s something wrong with” and “ah, better get out of this relationship because I’m no good and I’m not even worth trying to love” often came to mind. You’ve made me open up and be honest and I sent my boyfriend a long e-mail last night after the module, an email about what I’ve experienced previously. So I’m so thankful for this module last night and just the fact that I was brave enough to send him that email and write this to you now and just be open about everything; it has already helped me a lot. And I don’t expect myself to feel an uncontrollable urge when I next see my boyfriend – but now I have the opportunity to let past be past and build myself a future. I know now that I AM a good person, I AM worth loving, I DARE to take responsibility for my own life and most of all I’m a loving person who LOVES to give love and receive love. So dearest Maj, thank you, thank you, thank you.. I’m sending you a virtual hug.” Sincerely, a sex drive online workshop participant


”Thank you so much for the module last night. It was an overwhelming experience – an emotional rollercoaster. I felt everything from just wanting to give up, to optimism to relief. You made a big point of making sure this got through and it was a massive relief to realize that I’m perfectly normal. That this is a problem for many women (and men). But when you’ve been walking around long enough thinking about this problem, maybe even hiding the problem and sometimes even forgotten about the problem you have with a lack of sex drive, and carried it all yourself, then this feels like such a relief. I had tears in my eyes. I feel safe with you even though I’ve never even met you. You talk about this sensitive and taboo thing so nicely. It was very uplifting, and no matter what the outcome is for me, I know that I’ve learnt something and that I’ve fought for it. It’s so amazing that I could join this workshop and that I got a spot here. Thank you.” Anonymous


“Dear Maj! I really want to write a feedback to your sex drive workshop. It so deserves it! I’ve only listened to a few hours’ worth of stuff and I already feel feelings such as guilt, shame and “should” regarding the lack of sex drive having disappeared. It’s SUCH a relief!! It means that I can use the old bad conscience on something waaaaay more important!” ST.


”Hello Maj – I simply have to write to you now to say THANK YOU for the wonderful course “Get your sex drive back”. The last 5 years I’ve been searching for this damned sex drive and I’ve been wondering where on earth it had gone. I took away stress from my everyday life, I had long talks with my beautiful husband, exercised, been eating healthy, taking classes…. Well, I’ve been doing everything I could think of but without success. Then I listened to your module 1 and finally I got it. It’s awesome to know that there’s nothing at all wrong – not with me and not with my relationship or my body. I really feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m excited about the next module. Thank you for being straight-forward and thank you for a course well done… and great bonuses too!” S.


”Since I started having a sex life and started feeling my sex drive is has been without any pleasure. I’ve just done it. Both with former partners but also with my current husband. Sex hasn’t been something I enjoyed. It has been such a difficult thing to go through this course, most of all because I got really upset. I was upset for treating myself and my body like that for all those years and for not having enjoyed sex at all! Even though it has been a difficult process going through your online workshop, I’m so happy and grateful that I participated. I’ve created a connection to my lower pelvis and several times I’ve felt pleasure when we’ve cuddled, kissed and hugged. Your course has helped me go see my psychologist again. Module 3 is about looking after yourself and listening to this I became aware that I needed to talk to her again. I would never have done that if it wasn’t for your course. I’m also experiencing that we are more loving towards each other in our everyday life. We have always had a relationship pretty much without any physical contact but suddenly it’s no longer so scary and I’m actually enjoying being physical. It’s nice when he takes my hand when we go shopping or when he spontaneously gives me a hug when we’re sitting on the couch. I liked how I could listen to the modules again and again because there is a lot of knowledge I’ve needed to listen to a few times and I’ve listened to the different interviews with women and their stories many times over.” Nete


”Your tools are amazing, Maj!” Thank you for an awesome module last night. Normally I sleep in and I feel guilty but this morning I woke up, looked at the time and thought “YES! I’ve had a good sleep!” WHAT a difference! Now THIS is crazy! After not feeling any sex drive what so ever for over a month, it suddenly came back from the dead just three hours after the module last night!” Anonymous


”After having gone through the workshop ”Get your sex drive back” I’m experiencing a greater understanding and acceptance of myself as a sexual being. I’ve allowed myself to feel aroused without the shame or the feeling of being wrong bugging me. I’m also experiencing that my way of dealing with men has changed. I don’t have to take responsibility for them but I can allow myself to simply lean back and enjoy it. The Workshop has given me personally growth in a sensitive area. I now have a MUCH greater understanding why we and I react as we do to others regarding sex and sex drive. If I’d recommend it to someone else? Yes, definitely! It’s so easy to deal with and it’s not about a blink of the eye quick fix. The Workshop is thorough and structured really well. It’s based on knowledge and experienced joined together beautifully. It pulls this thing down to each and pulls out the “taboo” of not feeling any – or a lack of – sex drive. And then let me please add that I’ve taken a few of Maj’s other courses and every time I’m impressed with the heavy amount of knowledge and experience behind them but also how she presents it to us all; it’s a very difficult and sensitive subject but Maj creates such a safe space with room for you to develop. She’s honest, straight to the point, tough and speaks her mind but also unbelievably loving and wants the best for everyone involved. I don’t know much about sexology but Maj’s courses are full of so much personal development which doesn’t only benefit me in my sex life but also in regards to other people and myself.” Maria


”After the workshop I’ve started to think of myself as more normal. I now notice when I try to avoid things; I’m much more aware of it. I’ve acquired many good tools – there’s a lot of them. I’m not the kind of person to do something half-hearted, I like to take my time with all of these tools. My sex drive has also increased and I feel a better contact to my pelvis and to my lust, but I still need a little courage in order to initiate sex with my husband. At the moment we have sex every 2-3 weeks but this is still not often enough for us both and it’s ridiculous because I really enjoy it when it does happen. But the courage is my next step. I really like that you Maj, speaks your mind and you have these case stories in the workshop. You know; these different stories. They make me understand it all better. I’ve really learnt that I have to do something myself to make love to my husband. And I really want to recommend this workshop of course I do. This will take you far and I’m sure a lot of people will really benefit from this course.” Wanda, age 62


”I have listened to all 4 modules, and I’ve also been through some of the bonus material, however, I still haven’t found the energy within myself to do any of the exercises since my focus at the moment is someplace else in my life. The most relevant thing that I’m taking with me from the Workshop is that I now have new thoughts about my sex drive, and I now know that there is hope for me. This has given me peace and removed the thought of it never working out. I haven’t been through all the extra material and because of this I’m very pleased that I can still access the online space even after the workshop is over. “Get your sex life back” – the workshop has given me inspiration and hope and it’s a big relief that apparently I’m not wrong like I’ve been feeling for a long time. It was actually very touching to realize that there’s still hope. The Workshop takes away the feeling of being wrong and awkward which I’ve been feeling for so long. I was touched to realize this and I’m now thinking that there’s still hope for me. The workshop also takes away the feeling of awkwardness from not feeling a lust for sex. And it’s exactly this feeling of not being normal which keeps your sex drive away. Feeling wrong BECOMES the problem. I became the problem and that isn’t something which moves you to solve the real problems; in my case many years of stress, depression and exhaustion. I’ve actually felt abnormal enough to start with. The Workshop took away my feeling of being wrong and Maj made it clear to made that this feeling I was having was wrong! And this was such a relief, so thank you for that. Maj expresses herself very clearly and very pedagogically (in a good way), and then it doesn’t make it worse that she speaks with a dialect from Funen (An Island in Denmark). If the topic falls on sex one day, when I’m with my girlfriends, I’ll definitely recommend this workshop to them.” Woman age 36, owns own business, married, mother of one


”Dear Maj. I’ve just finished module 1 about sex drive tonight, and it’s so awesome that I just had to write to you! My boyfriend and I don’t really have any massive problems with our sex drive at this moment in time but I guess I just want to get ahead of any problems that might occur, and because there’s other things I’d like to work with. And I have just gotten so much out of this module! It’s so rewarding to read about the normality in relationships. And it’s SO good for me to hear this again and again: that the spark you had between you when you first met DO NOT come back. I’ve been alone for many years, so I’ve probably turned myself into an addict with all these “fixes” I got meeting new people and having relationships which came and went! To now learn that this is something else I need to work with just makes me so happy! I feel that I’m much more ready to work for this relationship which I’ve been dreaming about for many years. Before going through this module I haven’t been able to work on it because I kept thinking that if this spark was gone, then it probably wasn’t the right relationship for me – I’m so much smarter now!! Maj, it’s such a great course and I think there’s a great flow to it. It’s easy and so easy to understand. I’m excited about the rest of the modules. And for everyone else, I can already recommend this first module to you. There’s so much stuff in this that all women out there ought to know!!” Helle


”Before I found Maj Wismann’s website and the workshop ”Get your sex drive back and keep it for life”, I had been using Google a lot and found a lot of people saying a lot of different things about the lack of sex drive. I had also contacted a sex therapist who charged 300 US $ one hour. At this point I was an emotional wreck because of my lack of sex drive that it would’ve taken me a good few hours to start a constructive dialog with anyone. With this workshop, however, I’ve been able to listen to it in the comfort of my own home week after week. I believe that I needed to just listen in peace and quiet, put words to my situation and my challenges using the questions and the homework the Workshop sets. I’ve acquired valuable knowledge which has changed how I look at myself as a woman and first and foremost it’s made me feel great relief as well as given me information, facts and a string of tools. Maj is really good at pointing out, that this isn’t a miracle cure. That change takes time. It’s nice to know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and in one of the case interviews which is included in the workshop, I heard the story about a woman in the same situation as myself.. It’s felt very liberating.. Additionally this has almost been a blessing that Maj has put so much focus on the entire relationship. Many men, my own boyfriend included, see sex as an isolated “discipline” of the relationship. As I went along I’ve been writing like crazy and I’ve even had to extend my work journal with extra pages. There’s a lot of good stuff on those pages. You’re not given notes before you start or afterwards. No, you’re asked to do a job and take notes as you go along. And Maj is right! It’s the best way to acquire knowledge; to get it on paper through your hand. I’ve been flicking through the pages many times throughout the course and after to brush up on what was said. I’ve already recommended the workshop to others and I’ll do it in future as well.  There are so many genuine facts about a subject which is so taboo. ALL women and men should know these things. The fact that this is a taboo makes us women, with no sex drive, feel so wrong and we have these unrealistic images of how other women are. Maj and the Workshop have really helped me in putting some of the many myths on the matter to bed. And Maj presents it all so nicely, with warmth and humor. I instantly trusted her and her knowledge on the matter.” Else, age 39, mother of two, has been with her partner for 10 years


”The Workshop has made me feel less “guilty” towards my husband, and my bad conscience about not giving him enough sex is significantly smaller than before. The feeling of being pressured has decreased as well. Besides from this I’m much more aware of the importance of all the logical factors which all play a part in whether the sex drive is high or low and I’ve made some actual changes in my everyday life. I’m leading a life now which is much more in balance and I look after myself better. And this has made me happier in my everyday life. I want to recommend this workshop to others as well because it’s a great way to make an effort without spending a lot of time going to a physical place outside your house. And you get a lot for your money, if you think about how much you would’ve paid if you had to go to actual appointments. I’m talking about all the basic knowledge which you need to know before starting the work on the actual problems.” Mother of two, married for 8 years


”I’m now much more conscious of what I like and what I don’t like, what I want in and from my sex life. There’s a lot of fuel for thoughts in every single module and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking after the modules as well. To me there have been a lot of things which needed to be dealth with and I had to stop throughout the modules to allow myself a “thinking break”. It’s been really good to listen to words put to the problems I’ve been walking around with in my head all alone, and I’ll definitely recommend this workshop to others because I’m positive that it can help others as well.” Woman, age 35


”It was a relief for me to discover that I could participate in a workshop online and that I didn’t have to go to a lecture and stand there face to face with a lot of other women and men because THAT I certainly did not want to do. It was a relief to be able to sit at home, completely anonymous and participate like that and just do it alone. First off I went through the workshop by myself and afterwards I invited my husband to join me. By then he was pretty curious to what I was doing and to why I suddenly started talking about the problem we haven’t spoken about for years. My complete lack of sex drive, that is. When the workshop was all done we did another “round” together and this was a very positive and lovely experience. I’ve really appreciated how I could go through the workshop myself and then, because you have access to it for the rest of your life, you can go through it together as well. And I also truly appreciate the fact that I’ve discovered that I’m not “abnormal”, no I’m perfectly normal and it was very understandable that my sex drive was missing. My husband understands this now as well. We have taken it nice and slow, just like Maj recommends it. We don’t want to rush through anything. And it works! I say no to sex much less frequently now and if I do, I don’t feel guilty about it. I can feel my sex drive coming back. More and more. This isn’t a quick fix, it’s a long-term investment in the rest of my life. My sex drive is my responsibility and now I can affect it in whichever direction I choose.” Marianne, 39 years-old


”My boyfriend and I have participated in “get your sex drive back” and it has been so cool. Thank you for an amazing webinar and online workshop Maj, you’re such an awesome lady. It’s been really nice and very informative to listen to you Monday after Monday. And oh my, it’s been so good. I was amazed to learn how much biology is involved with falling in love, for example. And I’ve really now learnt that I have to take myself and my sex drive serious! For example, if my boyfriend now does something that doesn’t turn me on, I tell him and we do something about it. And this is so much cooler than before where I just found myself thinking that I was being silly for letting it affect me so much. My boyfriend has really taken a lot of it in as well, he now has a completely different insight in how his behavior affects me and he is seriously doing something about it now, and that is just awesome! He has always been an amazing man, but now he’s even better. And I’m so happy and relieved about the fact that, I, my thoughts and my body are perfectly normal. I now know what I can do something about and what I can’t do something about, because I now have the tools for both my head, my body, my sex life, my relationship and the talks. And isn’t that wonderful! I’m so much wiser on relationships, sex drive, sex, my boyfriend and myself. I’ve gotten tools to have a good sex life, to increase the sex drive, tools on how to have a conversation, knowledge about stress, medicine, different patterns with men and women and how the past can affect your lust for sex. I could’ve used a lot of this knowledge yeeeaaars ago. And there’s so much in this workshop which is really of high quality and it’s all very relevant. It’s so cool that there’s so much info in addition to the modules. I’m thinking about the cases, the bonus interviews, the bonus courses. But all of it is great. And if there’s more than what you’ve got time for, you can always do it another day. Again, a thousand thank you, Maj, for your fantastic workshop. It’s something everyone ought to do. It should be something which you got sent to you when you turn 18. It would save the world for so many wrecked relationships, broken hearts and unhappy destinies all due to ignorance. Yes, I realize this all might sound a bit over the top but it could really save us all a lot of suffering if we all knew what we know now. So thank you so much Maj, you’ve made us so much smarter and this is knowledge everyone ought to have.” Grete


”Thank you so much for an awesome workshop! I’ve gained a lot from participating in it even though I’m single. I chose to join your workshop because in my last three relationships I saw how my sex drive decreased after a little while and this is something I wish to prevent and I also wanted to learn how to keep the fire burning when I enter my next relationship. It’s really good how you start off by teaching us the basics about sex drive and there are so many things which are much clearer to me now about my own sex drive after just going through your first module. I couldn’t sleep at all afterwards. I was just thinking about all these situations and things and experiences from earlier on and I was suddenly looking at it all completely differently. I have benefitted so much from being a part of this course and I’ve learned so much. It’s also very nice how you send out e-mails afterwards to remind us to remember to keep our focus even after the 4 modules are all done.” Mette


”After going through the workshop “Get your sex drive back” I’m much more aware of what has actually lowered my sex drive. So far I’ve “only” listened to the 4 modules – I haven’t looked at the bonus material yet – and I’ve never in my wildest dreams imagined how many things should actually be accounted for when talking about sex drive. Maj is so good at telling us all of this and what she does tell is amazing as well. She goes through so many different things you never even thought would affect it. I’ve gotten so much out of participating in this. I’ve learnt how important the entire relationshopp is. Maj has given so many inputs to how you can start solving the problems and move on. I was sure that it was only the pains I’d been dealing with which had taken away my sex drive and I couldn’t understand what on earth “was wrong with me!” But especially after module 4 about relationships and sex drive, I now see what was also a reason for my sex drive to be non-existent. I recommend this workshop to others because it deals with so many things and really makes you think about what you have around you. Going through the workshop you realise that it might be something which you hadn’t even considered to really be the problem with your lack of sex drive. Thank you so much for the amazing course and the knowledge you share Maj. I take all of it on board.” Mette


”I was really excited whether I’d get anything out of this online workshop of course, but I’ve got absolutely nothing negative to say about. Of course, it does require you to follow up on these modules yourself and go through them, but that is every woman’s own responsibility. I’ve discovered that I actually have a sex drive, and now I know that it’s my responsibility and my responsibility only to make the most of it. Just knowing that I’m normal and that my reactions are normal has helped e a lot. I’ve never had an orgasm and I’ve always felt wrong and instead I’ve been making sure that the guy got what he needed. However, I don’t doubt that I’ll succeed in having an orgasm when I get through the last of the bonus material in this workshop. I’ve always had a very tense relationship to my body and I’ve been battling bulimia for a longer period of time. As a kid my mum told me that sex was just something which had to be done and just to get it over and done with and it’s only recently actually that I’ve had a look at myself, how I look down there and I’ve felt an urge to discover more about myself. I’m also pretty crazy about Maj’s way of presenting this wisdom of her’s to us. Her language is very easy to understand and she doesn’t mince her words. I would also really like to recommend this, it’s a workshop all women should go through – what an eye-opener to me.” Tanja


”Maj, I want to thank you so much for a great workshop! I’m now so much wiser and it feels like you’ve lifted 50 kilos off of my shoulders!!! I’ve been through all of the modules and I’ve just started on the bonus material. It is such a well-structured workshop, I’ve never seen anyting like it! It has been good for me to make my own “work journal” to use throughout the four modules and I now know exactly where to start. I know what we have to do together but also what I need to do alone. And I’ve already started! Just the fact that we got the first exercise right away after signing up to the workshop, made such a huge difference and already BEFORE module 1 had begun I had discovered that I actually do HAVE A SEX DRIVE and I’ve discovered that it shows itself several times a week!!! And here I was, thinking that I had NO sex drive whatsoever! Maj, you HAVE to advertise your workshop more! I stumbled upon in when a girlfriend of mine put up a link on Facebook to you and your course and it has changed the way I see myself and the how I see my sex drive – and I’m finally feeling it. FINALLY!” Lotte, 35 years-old, mother of two and married for 12 years


”Dear Maj. My husband has received your news letter for a long time and he has often forwarded on your educating e-mails to me. It was also his suggestion that we did your 4 module course together. My sex drive has been very low for many years now. Well, in certain periods of time it has been non-existent and I’ve felt guilty for many years. While going through your online workshop I felt how things were starting to happen again in my pelvis. I sometimes feel my sex drive but it’s difficult for me to act on what I’m feeling but my husband helps me. When I did have a sex drive I wasn’t very good at showing it either but because we’ve spoken about a lot of things as we were doing your course, my husband now knows that I find it difficult to act on my lust when I finally do feel it. It was good for us that we were able to pay in installments; this made us able to participate. We still talk a lot about the reduced sex drive but it’s much more positive now and we are hopeful and we support each other. It’s great how you focus on what I can do as a woman but that there are also exercises for couples. And it’s nice how it’s all anonymous, I would never have gone to a sexologist in a clinic. Thank you for a lot of educating hours and thank you for giving me back hope and for giving me a sex drive that’s returning.” Jette


”Dearest Maj. First of all I want to thank you for your lovely workshop. We’ve gone through it and it just works very well. I went through it alone at first and then we did it together. The last module about the relationship made us have some very difficult talks and we’ve both spoken about things we’ve never shared with anyone else ever before. We’ve both felt an increased sex drive, however, it’s still a little bit strange for both of us. We’ve both had a reduced sex drive for a long period of time. And what do you then do with it when it suddenly pops up again? We’re practicing initiating sex when we feel our sex drive coming back and we’re making progress. Before doing your online workshop we were close to splitting up because we both felt like the other person was rejecting us. When one of us finally wanted to have sex, the other person would reject them. We’ve both had some bad experiences sexually before and these are hard to shake but we’ve opened up to them through talking about it while doing this course. I’ve found out that I shouldn’t have sex for my husband’s sake and my husband has discovered that I don’t expect sex to be a certain way for me to want it. Your course has started so many good processes and we can finally begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel and most importantly: We KNOW what we have to do. Step by step like you’ve taught us throughout the workshop. We each have our own work journal and we have one we share. We are fully determined that this is something we’ll make work. And with the experiences and the talks we’ve had as well as the results we’ve already seen in such a short amount of time after completing the workshop we are very optimistic about where we can be in 6 months time. We are closer than we’ve been for years. Thank you Maj. Thank you for you and for your way of being and for how you teach.” T, 57 years-old and D 49 years-old


”Dear Maj. Thank you ever so much for a great workshop. We’re still going through a few of the exercises; we’re especially enjoying the nice exercise for couples and it’s all moving forward nice and slow. No crazy sex drive just yet but that wasn’t our objective either. It would be nice if we could just get to a stage where we have sex once a week, you know, just to start out with. That would be amazing and it does seem like this is just around the corner for us despite the fact that both myself and my husband are each struggling with depression. It has been a really nice and educating process to go through this workshop and I’m so relieved that you killed all the myths on sex drive and on how I walked around thinking my sex drive was supposed to be at a certain level. Thank you for making this course for people like us who couldn’t afford to actually go see a sexologist and thank you for letting us to pay in installments.” Malene and husband


”The most important thing I’ve taken with me from your sex drive course is that I no longer feel like there’s something wrong with me. It’s a big eye-opener listening to the different bonusinterviews and especially the interview with Louise who had gotten back her sex drive. These interviews helped me just as much as the actual workshop and the four modules did. In the modules you taught me what the cause of my lacking sex drive is and my husband and I are now working on fixing the issues together. Before doing this workshop it was almost like it was just my problem whereas now it’s something we work on together and we both work on making it better and it just feels amazing. It’s become something we are in together as a team, just like you teach us in one of the modules. I found that there’s so much knowledge in your workshop that everyone ought to be presented with. Both men and women. And everyone should honestly be forced to listen to it. If this was the case, I truly believe that the percentage of people getting divorced would be significantly lower. Maj, I want to thank you and I want to thank you for allowing us the possibility of reading all the questions and answers from the previous teams as well.” Andrea, 39 years-old (who no longer feels abnormal)


“You’ve helped me more than you even know despite the fact that I was worried that your workshop wouldn’t be able to help ME! I’ve discovered that I HAVE a sex drive and it’s actually quite big compared to the average Dane. However, I was ignoring it and because of this I was convinced that I didn’t even have a sex drive. The daily exercise you make us do made me feel it and after only one week I just felt like crying because I’d actually felt my sex drive on several occasions. In addition to this you’ve given me back hope that my relationship will be all right and the weekly exercise for couples is just fantastic! Imagine that such an exercise can be THAT lovely to do. And I was terrified at first. Also, I want to thank you for being so down to earth. Truth be told I was a bit worried that you’d be a very free spirit who’d make us do all these incredibly intimidating exercises. This happened to us earlier on when we consulted a sexologist and we stopped seeing her after five sessions. I wish that all women would do this workshop you’ve made whether they’re lacking sex drive or not. There’s just so much knowledge packed into this workshop and it should be compulsory at school. I’ve already recommended your workshop to several of my girlfriends and their husbands.” Sidsel, 42 years-old


“When I became a mum my sex drive disappeared. That’s seven years ago now and for these last seven years I’ve felt upset and I’ve been genuinely worried that my husband would walk out on me. I’ve felt abnormal and wrong and like I wasn’t a “real woman”. Listening to your modules I’ve learned that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me and I’ve learned so much about what small changes that I can make – and changes my husband is helping me make – makes me feel more energized in our day to day life. And because of my energy levels going up, my sex drive is coming back slowly but steady. It’s so inspiring that you’ve spiced up the workshop with stories from “the real life” and that we can listen to all these interviews you’ve made with different experts and the one with Louise. I’m now much better at looking after myself and that pays off. I’m happier. My children have a happier mum and my husband has a happier wife. We’ve tried out some of the communication exercises you recommend and go through in your workshop, and we’ve had some deep conversations, like never before. All couples should do this workshop regardless of how happy they are together. My husband also wants to thank you for all the hugs and cuddles that are now back in our day to day life. We’re happy and we think your workshop is just fantastic! We’ve also subscribed to your news letter and we’re following you on Facebook as well and we’ve seen that you’re translating your workshop for the Americans to be a part of this too and it’s safe to say that they have something to look forward to! Good luck with everything Maj and thank you so much for this workshop.”  Trine and Anders

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