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The Real Love Blueprint - Free Online Course - Maj WismannDid you know that:

❤ The more you know about love, the better you cope/manage

❤ There is SO much knowledge about love and sexuality that’s just waiting for you to take advantage of

❤ All over the world scientists have conducted research for more than 40 years in the area of relationships and love lives

❤ And for more than 60 years of sexuality studies – and there is no longer doubt  – what makes sex drive disappear and how to get it back and even how to have a satisfying sex life

❤ Your success depends on how much knowledge you have – the more you know the more you can take concrete actions that actually work in your relationship and love life

❤ Since 2006 I have worked with over hundreds of couples, women and men and have effectively and quickly helped them


I’ll tell you this:

It is NOT rocket science to have a wonderful relationship, a beautiful love life and a great and fulfilling sex life.

(But I can easily refer you to LOTS of books, workshops and therapists, that can make you jump through crazy hoops, that will cost you a he** of a lot of money and hours on expensive therapy on your way to a life you love – and I know, because I walked that path myself for way too many years in my early twenties before I even considered becoming a relationship therapist and sexology coach)


The Real Love Blueprint - Free Online Course - Maj WismannGet My Free Online Course:

“The Real Love Blueprint”

+ 7 days email course and feel the change right away  (And that´s a promise!)


In this Free Online Course you’ll get:

❤ First of all the mindset I have been teaching my clients for years now, that will remove the anxiety, pressure, and thoughts about performance in your love life and relationship in an instant and replace it with thoughts of support, encouragement, teamwork and loving partnership, AND instantly make your relationship a manageable task.


And this course will help you to:

❤ Determine how much of your love life is based on coincidences

❤ Become aware of what is missing in your relationship and translate that into goals so you know exactly what you need to address

❤ Learn the 7 basic elements of relationships

❤ See that you are responsible for the condition of your relationship and learn what to do about it

❤ Figure out what it is you really want deep down



The Real Love Blueprint - Free Online Course - Maj WismannAll wrapped up in:

✔ 60 minutes of video

✔ 60 minutes of audio

Wanna read ?

✔ You´ll get the complete E-book

And to make this work for you in YOUR life – I´ve made 3 worksheets for you :

✔ Coincidences of love – or not

✔ The 7 basic elements in a relationship

✔ Your responsibility  – your control – your action plan



Listen to the first 8 minutes here




The Real Love Blueprint – Finally!

The Real Love Blueprint - Free Online Course - Maj Wismann➨ Insider secrets revealed from bestselling Danish love expert

➨ Fewer conflicts or days in “The pain of silence” 

➨ More romance, passion, and the deep satisfaction of true emotional connection that your heart craves

➨ Learn the 4 mindblowing proven strategies to find your heart’s TRUE ‘love longing’ (And no, it’s not what you think it is)

➨ Learn and implement the 7 basic elements of relationships

➨ Join over 20,000 woman all over the world and get free weekly tips



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You also receive 7 days of emails that will…..

✔ Teach you what to do if your relationship sometimes reminds you of eating just a little to much chocolate cake (You know that feeling don’t you?)

✔ Teach you about “The Big O” and test you – can you differentiate BS from facts

✔ Teach you the 5 steps on the ladder of communication that give you the tools to deeper conversations (You REALLY wanna learn this!)

✔ Uncover what you often forget when talking to your better half that actually makes him shut up completely!

✔ Give you insight into the thoughts you have while having sex of “What the he** are you doing Mister – that’s NOT nice” – And what to do about it

✔ Teach you how to detect your vulnerability pattern and handle the situation wisely, so he’ll understand WHAT’S going on when your hurt

✔ Show you why the apology offered by your better half just does not work  – at all


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The Real Love Blueprint - Free Online Course - Maj WismannBestselling Danish love expert and sexologist Maj Wismann’s Free weekly e-zine is for women that really want successful relationships, love and sex lives. You’ll receive lots of insider secrets from Maj’s years of work in her clinic and tons of sessions with couples.

You get easy and tested tools that will help you get more romance, love and more and deeper conversations. You know that kind of conversation that gives you that totally special feeling of being connected on a deeper emotional level.

And of course you get lots of tips to boost your sex drive and easy ways to get better and more enjoyable sex. Lots of No BS facts and small steps in the right direction, so you’ll get the love and sex life you dream of.

Maj Wismann is a Danish bestselling expert in love, relationship and sexuality and she is the editor of “Q&A-time” in Magazines such as “Psykologi”, “Q” and has been working on “Woman” since 2008.

She has traveled all over Denmark to speak about love and sexuality and is one of the few Danish experts that actually works with clients and not just share knowledge. That gives her inspiration to write intriguing blogposts and E-zines and the knowledge of “Whats really going on” in relationships all over Europe.

The Real Love Blueprint - Free Online Course - Maj WismannIf you are tired of bullshit and the same articles in ladies magazines with tips and tricks that do not seem to help at all even though you actually try, test and use these tips, and if you are ready to be told the truth about what REALLY works and does not work in love and relationships, then you are in the right place.

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Get My Free E-book "When sexuality plays up" and learn:

❤ Can celibacy boost your sex drive?
❤ What is sexual inferiority and what can you do about it?
❤ How do you bring back the spark?
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