Facts about sex and sex drive

  • A funny, graphic overview of 51 surprising and cheeky facts about sex, sex drive, a lack of sex drive, women’s sex drive, men’s sex drive, and loads of vey funny bonus info. Read on for a good laugh!

As a sexologist, couple’s therapist, speaker and news paper column writers, I’m often asked what gives us a high sex drive, and what actually makes the sex drive go away.

Yes, facts about sex and sex drive are interesting to most of the people I come across, and someone always has lots of curious questions!

If it’s a question of “sex drive being a bit difficult”, the answer will always vary from person to person. In a situation like this you always have to look at the couple and the individual experiencing difficulties.

However, more often than not, the questions are merely curiosity driven and wondering:

“How often do we actually think about sex?”


“Are men turned on quicker than women?”

Or even questions such as:

“When I drink beer, I lose my sex drive. But! If I stick to wine or cocktails, we always end up having awesome sex. Why is that?”


“Is my interest in sex affected by stress?”

Over time, lots of studies on sex and sex drive have been conducted, and in the following info-graphic you’ll see the results of some of the funnier ones discussing sex and sex drive!

The quirkier facts are the basis of this info-graphic, but what I’m hoping this will do is help couples talk about the sex drive in their relationship.

Maj Wismann about facts about sex and sex driveI hope you will share lots of laughs and wonderful conversations, and this might even help you have the talk about what affects your particular sex drive.

Love & take care,
Maj Wismann – Clinical sexologist and couple’s therapist with private clinic since 2006 – read about Maj here <—





In the info-graphic with facts about sex drive and libido, you’ll find:

  • Numbers: What happens to your sex drive one year after your wedding. And the percentage of people wishing they were having sex more frequently than what they’re currently having.
  • What affects your libido: What things in your daily life could affect your sex drive.
  • Fantasies: How often we daydream and fantasize about sex.
  • Medicine: What medicine affects your sex drive.
  • Stress: Whether stress can affect your sex drive and how.
  • Foods and drinks: What affects your libido – and your orgasms!
  • Arousal: Surprisingly knowledge on whether men or women are turned on quicker.
  • Fun facts: How many people have had sex at work; what country has more sex in a year; the worldwide percentage of women owning a vibrator; how many women over the age of 80 still have sex with their partner. And lots and lots of other fun facts about libido and sex.
  • Sources: Links to relevant sources for more information on these topics.


Facts about sex and sex drive


A big thank you to:
All of my very loyal followers on my Facebook page and Instagram who’ve helped find all of these fun studies. Thank you to my graphic designer Thomas from Pr3.dk for this lovely design supporting all of these fun facts. And thanks to my assistant Nanna for her thorough research and follow-up on different results!

Would you like to contribute?
You’re more than welcome to leave a comment below. You might even like to just tell me what you think of this info-graphic. Or perhaps you’ve seen a study with facts and results you think we should include in the next version of this graphic. All positive contributions are more than welcome!


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