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Would you like to contact Maj´s team or do you just need a bit of help?

Please check the Frequently Answered Questions below. There is 95%´ish chance we’ve already answered your question + you can get your answer now.

If you have any questions regarding our products or our service, please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail (we LOVE getting mails!). You can reach us at: Contact@majwismann.com We make sure to read through all of your messages and we aim to respond to you within 48 work hours (that’s 2-5 work days).

Please note:
Maj does not respond to private requests nor does she reply to private e-mails. All e-mails go to our Customer Service where the team will reply to you and guide you.

FAQ – Please read this before sending us an e-mail.

+ I have lost my login to Simplero

Problems logging in? At any time, you can log on using your Simplero ID and your e-mail address. If you have forgotten your Simplero ID or your password, you can get yourself a new one! Use this link https://secure.simplero.com/login and click on the link on the right-hand-side of where you enter in your password. Please note: Your Simplero ID is the same as your Zenbilling ID, Zenbilling has merely changed its name to Simplero. Nevertheless your ID and your login details remain the same.

+ Customer Service and support to PURCHASED online products

If you require assistance in regards to any purchased online products and courses, you can be guaranteed that we will respond to your request within 2 weekdays. If you’re experiencing any trouble downloading a file, this might be a system error. We are very aware of how our website is running and we always strive to make sure everything runs smoothly. If the problem has occurred because of something on our end, it’ll be identified and fixed almost immediately. Please be aware that any issues downloading a file can be due to a technical issue on your own computer or tablet. If you have purchased a course but haven’t received it in your e-mail inbox, please contact our customer service at Contact@majwismann.com

+ Customer Service and support for FREE online products

Unfortunately, we do not offer support or assistance with any of our free online courses that are available to you at www.majwismann.com. If you have any trouble receiving Maj’s free courses, it’s a good idea to just check your spam folder. The e-mail giving you access to the course could have ended up there. If you’re still having trouble with it, you can always try to sign up for the course again using a different e-mail address. Please make sure that you enter the correct e-mail address. A lot of people accidentally write .org instead of .com Please double-check that you enter the correct address before signing up or alternatively, sign up again.

+ My login isn't working - What do i do?

At any time, you can log on using your Simplero ID and your e-mail address. If you have forgotten your Simplero ID or your password, you can get yourself a new one.




Use this link https://secure.simplero.com/login and click on the link on the right-hand-side of where you put in your password. 

Please note:

Your Simplero ID is the same as your Zenbilling ID. Zenbilling has changed its name to Simplero, nevertheless your ID and your login details remain the same.

+ How do I write ? to Maj?

If you wish to write to Maj’s Q&A, you can find information about this right here: https://www.majwismann.com/ask-maj-relationship-questions

Please be aware that you can only send questions to the Q&A via the website itself.

Unfortunately, we do not accept questions via e-mail. If you are concerned about your anonymity, we can assure you that you’re 100% anonymous as long as you remember to put in a ‘fake name’.

You will not be guaranteed to receive an answer to your question but if you’re looking for an answer on a certain topic, we recommend you to read through the agony column questions and answers already posted.

Over the years Maj has answered a lot of questions on a lot of different topics. You might be able to find an answer to your questions or perhaps a bit of help, in one of the agony column questions that have already been answered.

You can read more about this right here <—

+ Press, interviews, booking and photos of Maj

If you wish to book Maj, get a statement from her or an interview, please contact her on:

P: +45 22376293

M: Contact@majwismann.com Please be aware that all e-mails go through Maj’s personal assistant and that it can be up to 5 work days before you receive a reply. If it’s urgent, please send Maj a text message or call her directly.


You can find photos of Maj ready for download right here:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5muldyk4w7l5giy/AABEjQJ9XFjXLJ5IvmGF69Jaa?dl=0

All photos must be credited to photographer Anne Kring – www.annekring.dk

+ Event, bachelor parties etc.

Unfortunately, Maj is unable to be a part of a bachelor party or any other similar events.

+ Requests regarding counseling and therapy

Book an appointment with Maj Wismann

I only offer very few 1:1 sessions in my clinic. Please send an SMS to me on +45 22376293 to enquire about booking a session with me.

An individual session in my clinic or over the phone lasts 50 minutes and costs 1,600 DKK.

Couple’s therapy in my office costs 2,500 DKK and lasts 90 minutes.


If you are unable to make it to your appointment, cancellations must happen 24 hours before the session is scheduled to begin. If you fail to meet this 24-hours requirement, you must pay the full price of the appointment. The clinic must be notified of any cancellations or changes at least 24 hours before the sessions is due to begin. If nothing else has been arranged, you can cancel your appointment on +4522376293 by SMS or by leaving a voicemail. Any appointments made within 24 hours of the beginning of the session can not be changed.


+ Product review, affiliate links etc.

If you would like Maj to review a product for you, you’re more than welcome to send it to her. Maj will only give reviews to products she believe in and you can not pay your way to a review.

If you genuinely believe that your product could benefit Maj’s readers, you’re welcome to send it through to Maj. However, please note that you are not guaranteed a review. Maj is very honest and selective about what she chooses to review and recommend in her guides and articles.


Maj Wismann

Stevnshøjvej 8

5800 Nyborg



P.S. We take our Customer Service VERY seriously. If you find that we somehow have overlooked your e-mail, please re-send it to Contact@majwismann.com

Thank you.

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