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About Maj Wismann

You’re not the only one with the feeling of being stuck in your relationship and in your love life. I know.

I know this because every day I help women and men have a lovely sex life as well as incorporate more love, closeness and intimacy into their relationships.

Welcome to my universe. My name is Maj Wismann. I have worked with Danish couples in my clinic in Nyborg since 2006. Later on I went on to helping couples all over Denmark as well as the rest of the world through my online courses and workshops.

You can get access to my knowledge as a couple’s therapist and clinical sexologist through my articles, my online courses and through the free e-books which are all available to you on this site. Everything you find here is based on solid research; it’s tested and actual knowledge about love, relationships, sex life and solutions which all aid in helping you reach the results you dream of.


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”Maj Wismann’s courses about love and communication is a must in all romantic relationships”

”Maj Wismann´s courses about love and communication is a must in all romantic relationships. She’s quick, she’s funny and what she talks about is very easy to relate to. Her suggestions on how to fix certain things are all very practical and very good. For instance, us women sometimes need to be reminded that our husband can’t read our mind and reacting to this with anger and bitterness will get us nowhere – especially if we haven’t even expressed our feelings and wishes beforehand. Overall, Maj’s courses about relationships are easy to understand, interesting and very useful for both male and female participants.”


Charlotte Haase, Redaktionschef Magasinet “Psykologi”   ”Maj Wismann masters a noble pedagogical art; a skill which only very few experts have acquired: she can convey a message. When I, time and time again, turn to Maj as my expert on relationships, sexuality and emotions it’s because I can be sure to receive an explanation from her that I’ll actually understand. She simply refuses to sugar-coat her little ’nuggets of gold’ and she doesn’t use esoteric terms or phrases. Also, considering the amount of ”geek knowledge” Maj actually possess within the topics of sexuality and relationships, it truly is an amazing accomplishment that she constantly manages to boil it down for it to make sense to the rest of us.” Vigga Wagtberg – redaktør på Oestrogen.dk


It makes me both incredibly proud and happy every time I help a couple
The danish magazines “Tidens Kvinder” (Erotic Woman), “Psykologi”, “Woman”, “Vores børn” (Our kids) and many other magazines have all praised my online courses very much. This, of course, makes me very proud. However, what makes me feel even more proud and also a bit emotional, is when I hear from happy couples that have benefitted from my knowledge. That is what keeps me going and that’s the stuff I keep in my heart. This is exactly why I do what I do every single day.

Excerpt of my professional background

  • Sexology counselor at the Academy of Sexology in Copenhagen 2006
  • Cognitive Therapy for sexologist w/ Henrik Tingleff – Centre for Cognitive Psychologists 2007.
  • Couple’s therapist w/ Joan Ørting 2008
  • Course w/ Pia Struck on Betty Dodson’s methods regarding female sexuality and orgasm 2009
  • Course in Cognitive Coaching w/ Henrik Tingleff – Centre for Cognitive Psychologists 2010
  • Certified MasterCoach at Coachacademy.dk 2010
  • Clinical sexologist w/ Danish Society of Clinical Sexology
  • Agony column editor on the magazine “Psykologi”
  • Head of training division at  www.tegu.dk – The Therapeutic Basis Education:  further training for therapists
  • Permanent columnist as well as agony column editor for Denmark’s largest Women’s site, Oestrogen.dk
  • Former agony column editor for Ask Maj about Sex” in the Woman’s magazine Woman for 3 years
  • Former board member of Danish Sexologist Association and was also a part of starting this association
  • Speaker


Get the E-Book “When sexuality plays up”

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I used to be school teacher. Today I’m Denmark’s Online Couple’s Therapist and Sexologist

I was born in 1977, started out being a teacher, live in the countryside near Nyborg with my husband, Mads and my two sons, Emil and Alfred. I was actually the first and only couple’s therapist and sexologist to develop and sell digital courses, when I launched my first online course in 2009. It still feels unreal thinking about that! Teaching and procurement have therefore always been on the forefront of my professional life; both as a school teacher and as a couple’s therapist and sexologist in my clinic in Nyborg and today as Denmark’s Online Couple’s Therapist and Sexologist.

Here can you learn more from me and about me

If this is the first time you meet me, then welcome! It’s so great to have you here in my universe. The best way to get to know me is to download my free e-book: When Sexuality Plays Up.


Get the E-Book “When sexuality plays up”

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